New: Fire opal!

Our newest shimmer shade, available in a balm, serum, or powder. This reddish-pink coral is beautiful on eyes, cheeks, and lips!

The February Beauty Box

Chocolate, roses, diamonds and fire (opals!) Contains a limited edition dark dry shampoo - sign up by noon on February 14th!

January's Scents

Our single note perfume offerings for the month of January are a fresh and zesty way to kick off the new year. Only available through 1/31/20

now open in midtown OKC!

Open Mondays - Saturdays @ 220 NW 13TH ST, Suite 5, Oklahoma City 73013


A new way to wash (with oats) that's perfect for extra-sensitive skin!


220 NW 13TH ST 
Suite 5 

OKC, OK 73103

Hours, week of 1/19/20:

Monday: 10 - 5! 

Tuesday: 10 - 3

Wednesday: 10 - 1:30 

Thursday: 10 - 3

Friday: 10 - 6 

Saturday: 11 - 5