Twinkle Star Rewards!

twinkle apothecary rewards program

Sales? Oh no. Nope. Those are for big department stores full of junk, not for small batch artisan crafted organic skincare and all-natural fragrances that are custom-made, fresh when you order! 

I keep my prices as low as possible by foregoing a lot of bells and whistles - like, fancy packaging and outer boxes? Who wants more trash anyway? 

Social media marketing and PR? Can't afford it and, ps, it doesn't work.

Employees? Ha! No, I've got this handled.

Instead of sales, I offer my customers everyday low prices and a way to save through my rewards program.

It's so easy to earn coupons. You don't even have to remember another password! Just click on the black and pink twinkle button at the bottom right of your screen, and enter your email address to get started.

Remember to use the same email address to log in every time you shop to keep accumulating points. (But if you forget, just email me and I will transfer the points to your main account!)

Note: you don't have to wait for an email prompt to get credit for writing a review. If you're logged into your account and verify your review, you can submit reviews directly on the website to get your 500 points!

Earn an easy $10:

Send a referral link to a friend for $5 off their first purchase. You'll get a $10 coupon when they place an order!

PS - You can also use your twinkle star coupons on subscription orders for even more savings! 

Having trouble figuring out how this works? Email for more info. I'm happy to help!


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