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About Twinkle Apothecary

stefanie, twinkle apothecary

Hi, welcome to Twinkle Apothecary!

I know it looks kind of fancy, but this is actually a very small, one person business, owned and operated by, well, me. Stefanie.

Being a one woman show means I get to do things differently around here, hopefully in a good way…

First of all, everything is handmade (and bottled, and labeled, and packed, and shipped, and listed online, and marketed, etc., etc.,) by me. Yup! Again… it’s just me.

I feel like I have to repeat that because sometimes people don’t believe me, or they think I must be outsourcing production or using a separate order fulfillment service… I’m not. I literally do it all, and I actually love it this way!

(Hey I didn’t say I wasn’t crazy…)

All of my products are PETA certified vegan and cruelty free, using reusable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging whenever available. I list every single ingredient for all of my products in plain english, including my fragrances, because I believe that you have a right to know exactly what you’re putting on your body. I’m also proud to carry ethically produced accessories that I adore from other women founded and/or vegan brands to compliment my own handcrafted products.

One of my top FAQs when people come into my shop is always, “How did you get started?” so, long story short, I started this journey in 2015 when I went vegan and needed an effective deodorant. I had no prior experience making personal care products (I mean it’s not like there’s a deodorant school…? my degree is actually in business!) but I quickly found that I loved (and was actually pretty good at) making things that make life more comfortable and beautiful.

Today, my facial skincare products are my most popular top-sellers, but perfumery is actually my passion. No matter what I’m making or sharing though, I feel like my mission is to help people live their best lives. And I'm learning that this starts with me.

Starting this brand, this business, and becoming a maker changed everything for me. I found a new passion and purpose. There is a profoundly grounding quality to these natural materials that makes me feel more connected to the Earth, and through this work and connection, my priorities and values also become more clear.*

As such, over the years I’ve learned to adjust my schedule, my policies, my product offerings, and my work/life boundaries to fit where I’m at personally. Right now, I have a desire to slow down and appreciate life. I’ve spent the past 6 years working so hard to build this business, and now I’m learning that instead of having an ever-growing enterprise, I just want to stay right here! I’m so content with my little business just as it is that I'm currently on the lookout for ways to hustle less, bring more balance into my life, have more fun, and find a little more joy in the everyday. Basically, this is a decidedly small business that’s focused on sharing and enjoying the small pleasures in life. ;)

So here’s how you can help me fulfill my mission (where we’re both living our best lives with great skin, smelling good, feeling mentally and physically well) -

First, I ask that you please review my FAQs + Policies page before you send me an email asking a question I’ve already answered there. I promise you, the answer to your question is there. Really. Just look. Even if you’ve already read it (thank you so much!) I update it often, as new FAQs come in.

Please respect that I don’t personally conduct any business over the phone - I mean, who has time for that? I'm a millennial with an internet business, y'all. Please don't EVER call me. 

Please note that I don't respond to customer emails on Sundays, and please also give me at least a full business day before you write to me asking when your order will be ready. Actually, there's no need to ask when your order will be ready. I will let you know as soon as I have it shipped or ready for pickup. Seriously, even Amazon gets a couple of business days to fulfill orders, y'all. I don't think this is too much to ask...

In fact, I am really trying to cut down on the amount of messages and questions I'm expected to respond to in general these days. You see, social media has created a culture where consumers expect to receive instant, personalized service from small businesses 24/7 - and frankly, I didn't sign up for that. I bought into the whole "connecting with your community" story in the beginning, responding to any and every question at all times of the day and night, and I wound up extremely burned out, to the point of being chronically ill.

Healthy, rested, 2021 Stefanie understands that this push to keep us all "connected" is actually just a way for Facebook, excuse me, Meta, to keep us all in its clutches so it can endlessly profit off of our personal data. So, yeah. I'm over it. Also, thank you Frances Haugen! 

Please understand that it's simply not feasible for me to personally field questions from every single potential customer who stumbles across my brand. I mean, that's thousands and thousands of people at this point - and I already stay pretty busy just keeping my shelves stocked with my handmade goods and shipping orders out on time. And did I mention that I'm a single mom to a 9 year old boy?

Because I like my small business just the way it is and don't want to have to expand by outsourcing customer service associates, I've packed my website FULL of all of the information you need to know to shop my brand. Why send me an email and have to wait for a response, when you can take a few more seconds to click over to my website and find the information you're looking for right in the product listings? Pro-tip - use the search feature (the magnifying glass at the top right of the page) to find what you're looking for - you can type in anything, like, "eczema" or "pregnancy safe" (just going with a couple of my top to FAQs here) and a related product or blog post will pop up. Read it, and boom. You're already on your way to having better skin. The next step is to order some samples to see how the products work for you!

But circling back to the topic of emails, simply subscribing to (and actually reading) my emails is likely to answer any and all of the questions that you could possibly have for me! I only email when I have news to share. Once or twice a week, usually. Here's another pro-tip for you - if you feel like your inbox is cluttered with too many emails - try unsubscribing to all of the big box stores and fast fashion chains so you have a little more space to stay in touch with cool ethical independent brands like mine! I recently did this myself and it's *so* pleasant. I don't need to hear from Target twice a day - I'll go in there when I need more toilet paper and see what kind of made-in-China nonsense they've got in store. But cool artists and makers who are doing things that I actually want to learn about? Heck yeah. They can email me all day! This is how it should be. Right?! 

Another way to stay in touch...

by becoming a member of my Patreon community! 

All of my personal, behind the scenes "social media" type content, blog posts, and DIY beauty recipes are exclusively shared with patrons at the $5/month "Twinkle Lite" level and up. 

Members at the $20/month "Star Shine" level and up get access to my interactive Twinkle Talk Space on Discord (where we can chat and have virtual hangouts!) and the ability to purchase limited edition products not available to the public. 

Members at the $50/month "Shooting Star" level get unlimited one on one skincare consultations and the ability to design two custom products with me per year! 

Click the link below to check out my Patreon page and sign up for the inside scoop: 

Ok one last thing if you’ve managed to read this far. (You know, you’re one of the real ones.) Remember how I said that perfumery is actually my passion? Well, I have a second shop that’s just for perfume! It’s called Notes by SGC. It’s my little hobby/side project just for fun, but I’m proud of the work. It’d mean a lot to me if you checked out the website.

Thanks for being here, 



*In case it’s not clear, my values are progressive, liberal, feminist, pro-choice, anti-Trump, but inclusive of all genders, sexual orientations, races, and religions.


updated 12/2021

photo by Valerio Costilla (September 2021)