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About Twinkle Apothecary

Ok, you caught us. "We" is actually a she, and there's just one of her. 

 I started making my own deodorant in 2015, blah blah, you've heard this before, right? These indie beauty brands are all the same. 

I'm much more interested in you. What brought you here? Why are you reading this?

Have you been wondering why all that skincare you've spent so much money on doesn't seem to be doing anything? Are you tired of being told that your face needs improvement every time you open Instagram? Or maybe you want to feel connected to something deeper. Something real. Not like a "brand," but like, nature. 

I feel that. 

And, I've got you.

If you're tired of sorting through all of the brands and endlessly shopping for products, you're in the right place. 

You just need something good that works, right?

I'm here to help you cut through the BS of the mainstream beauty industry so you can holistically balance your skin while minimizing your routine. Then, I'm going to get you grounded in your body and connected to the earth with my natural fragrances. From there, I'm going to make you feel so confident that you can't help but roll your eyes every time you open Instagram or Skin-tok, and FINALLY, we can start the revolution.

Whoops. Did that escalate quickly?

Don't worry. We'll take baby steps. 

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