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Based on 1064 reviews
All Over Oil
Thomas Trinity Lee
All over oil

LOVE this oil! It isn’t greasy, soaks in my skin beautifully and it smells divine.

Mulholland Perfume
Grace Patton
Perfect for Spring and Summer

This perfume is perfect for warmer weather! I had Nectar before, but this takes it a step above with the vanilla and citrus notes. It’s sophisticated and whimsical at the same time. Perfect for work or date night.

So Dreamy

I've been layering this under a bit of tinted oil foundation and I feel like I have the glow I've searched for for so long. I live in a dry climate and the texture of his product helps keep my skin the perfect amount of hydrated. (Not too oily, definitely not parched.) I can't wait to wear it alone. This 100% nails the natural glow look.

Cat Buttons
Rosemary Lambin
Cute name and lovely fragrance.

I bought this scent because of the name, but it is also a lovely fragrance. It’s a blend of citrus and herbal, with a touch of spearmint. It makes me think of a greenhouse. It will be a great fragrance for spring and summer, when I like lighter scents. I do wish it lasted longer. I also bought a package of the actual cat buttons-very cute.

My Mass-Market Scents Are Giving Me Side-Eye (as they gather dust on my counter)

I've tried a few Twinkle scents lately, and Sundays did not disappoint. It's light and fresh and really does remind me of a great Sunday.

It's citrusy in a really balanced way and smells amazing as it wears. I've been wearing the spray for 6+ hours now and it's still hanging on.

If you want to smell like sliding into clean sheets feels, give it a try.

Beautiful scent!

I found the perfect neutral but subtle scent No 2

Great Everyday Oil and Moisturizer!

This is my go-to oil from Twinkle. I use this one the most almost every morning and night. It’s super lightweight, smells lovely, and makes my skin look amazing.


I am passionate about this facial oil. Nothing has ever made my skin so happy! I have tried all 3 facial oils and this one keeps my skin so soft and helps keep it clear of redness and acne. I have dry, sensitive skin that gets itchy and breaks out easily, and this stuff is so nourishing and calming and light - it feels a bit lighter than the other facial oils. It smells very neutral, like a seed oil. I like that’s it’s not a perfumey smell. Highly recommend if you have sensitive skin!!! Or just get the sample set and try them all, they’re all great.

Facial Oil ✨
Kenzie Adair
Great Stuff

I tried this facial oil first and really liked it. It kept my skin soft and hydrated, and it was great for gua sha. I’m kind of indifferent to the smell, I like that it’s not perfumey. It definitely doesn’t smell bad, just neutral - like a nice tree bark lol. I ended up liking the Sensitive facial oil better for my skin, but it says a lot that this one made my skin feel good and did not upset it at all! If you aren’t sure which to try I recommend the sample set! They’re all great imo.


I usually avoid exfoliating masks/cleansers because they are too rough on my skin, but this mask is perfect. It’s super gentle but still exfoliates and leaves my skin feeling incredibly calm and clear. My face is never red after using, but free of dead skin/oil build up. I love following it up with facial oil. And it smells DELIGHTFUL.

Super Calming

I love this stuff for when my skin is getting irritated. I have sensitive skin that breaks out easily if it’s dry or itchy, so when part of my skin is getting irritated and I feel a breakout coming on, I use this balm to help calm the skin over night. It literally works like a charm in one night! I’ve found it helps heal acne as well. I like the facial oil for my moisturizer and use this as more if a spot treatment when I need more calming/healing on a particular area. A little bit lasts me a long time too! Definitely worth it.

Toning Mist ✨
Kenzie Adair
Gentle & Light

I really like this toning mist! It was more gentle than the witch hazel I’ve used in the past and hydrated my skin. It also smells SO good. I have sensitive skin and it leaves my skin feeling very calm.

Facewhip ☁️
Kate Kettner
Favorite product ever!

This is always what I list as my favorite Twinkle product. If you only have enough money for one item, make it this or her Toner. I’ve been using this pretty much since she created it, and absolutely love the way it makes my face look. Highly recommend!

May Have Turned Me Into a Scent Junky?

It's strong when you smell it straight from the vial, but once you put it on...!!! My 7 year old told me it "smells like comfort".

I've been intentionally smelling my wrists all morning. My husband said he loves it too. Definitely recommend!

Beautiful, Unique Scent

I first smelled this scent in 2017 I believe. I had been going through a really tough time that year and this came just when things were starting to look up. I lost touch with Twinkle for a few years but grabbed this full-size during the recent sale. Sappy and specific, but it smells like hope to me. <3

I typically don't love vanilla in my scents but this is the perfect mix. It's truly a great spring/summer scent.

All Over Balm ✨
Kelly Lien
Love Love Love

I use it as pommade, chapstick, eyebrow pommade, sooo many uses.

Hannah Dixon

One spritz does WONDERS to hydrate my skin! It is very efficient and effective, not to mention it smells amazing!

Love it!!!

Adds perfect amount of texture without making hair crunchy. I have a pixie cut and I love that it adds texture and natural wave.

Ginger Snap Makeup ✨
Gorgeous in every way

Ginger Snap balm is beautifully subtle on me (fair neutral skin tone), but I think you could probably layer it for darker color payoff. I've used it on my cheek bones and bridge of nose for a subtle bronzer sort of effect over a BB cream--a very natural but nice look. The smooth consistency and delightful natural scent add to a top notch rating, and I'll definitely be coming back for more colors!

Nicora No. 6
The perfect scent for literally everything

I wear this perfume year round, for quite a while now. I have received countless compliments on it, and about how its not something that people have ever really smelled before. I love the fresh smell, and the sexy undertones it gives as well. I want to say almost like you fell into a rose garden, covered in honey suckle. One of my favorites, and I will be very sad when it is archived.
This perfume has secured me a hand full of dates, makes me feel sexy, and confident. I may actually cry once this perfume runs out, I love it so much. I've always been in awe of your perfume making skills, and have always been extremely pleased with every single purchase of perfume I have ever ordered. This particular perfume, is in my personal opinion, your best work. Every single time I wear this perfume people have asked what it is, and I have happily told them about your little shop. Sometimes digging a few samples from my purse for them to smell. Every single person who has smelled my small collection of your perfume says that this is their personal favorite. It's just great.

A feminine musk, that reminds me of my mother

One of my favorite perfumes. I like the slightly musky scent,but how it still remains very feminine. The musky-ness is not overpowering, it kind of reminds me of the fancy foreign perfumes that my mother would wear as a kid. Will miss this once it is archived.

Amazing, LOVE the clean scent

A great spring time perfume. Smells clean, and fresh. One of my favorites, and I will miss it once it is archived.

Eye Tint
Jan Wishon
Rich color

Rich color. Clean and easy to put on with the lash/ liner brush (also purchased at Twinkle Apothecary.). No globs, just a natural look that I really enjoy.

Great everyday eyeshadow 🥰

I love using the eye tints as a part of my morning skin care & low make up routine. The moisturizing balm is so soft and gentle on my lids and the soft glow that the pigments leave are the perfect something to add sparkle to a natural look. Absolutely a favorite! ✨

Perfume Discovery Sample Set ✨
Claire Cote
Great gift idea

I purchased sample sets for our preteen nieces for Christmas, and they were a hit. Of course I had to peek at what Stefanie selected, and the scents were spot on. Great gift idea (for friends or yourself).