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Based on 1111 reviews
Eye Tint
really liked it

This is so hard it kept falling out like a chunk of hard wax. I have cocoa, and I tried it on my brows one day and it worked SO WELL. I didn't like it on my eyes, but it didn't irritate my eyes which makes this the only eyeliner that hasnt irritated my bottom lashes or made them fall out. So, I use cocoa on my brows and I just ordered black for an eyeliner, which I think I'll mix a little oil with to make it smoother.

Facial oil acne prone

I love this stuff! The original is my favorite scent but since I am acne prone I get this one. It took my skin a little while to adjust to the oil but now I HAVE to use every morning and night. If you buy anything buy the facial oil

Soft and dreamy

Applying the mattifying powder as a last step in my routine has added a surprisingly perfect finish! It just adds a layer of soft dreaminess to my skin, and I definitely should’ve picked some up far earlier in time than I did. It doesn’t really have a scent, is so light and easy to apply and blends in with ease.

Simple and Effective

I use this on as eye liner and eye brow filler. It lasts all day!

The Best

I have really sensitive and dry skin. This Beauty Butter truly feels like butter! My skin feels so nourished without feeling greasy or cakey. I use this everyday!

Salt Soak
Calm and Nice

I love this small business. I live off of their Facewhip, moisturizer, and make up. I bought this bath salt, and not only does it smell amazing, it leaves my skin feeling so soft. This is a must buy for me now too.

Cotton Powder Puff
Margaret Nelson
Cotton powder puff

Love the puffs. I do a lot of make up. So I love that you can wash them ,and dry them and reuse them.

Facewhip ☁️
Jenny Hughes
Healthy Skin

I really like Facewhip. The scent is just wonderful. It is an enjoyable part of my morning. It is a great moisturizer and just adds a touch of glow. It is perfect for me because it is the only “foundation” that doesn’t cause breakouts for me. The first time I tried it, I didn’t quite like it because I had never used a balm for makeup before. When I tried it again, I was more patient and just let it soak in. After a couple of days I was in love. My skin now looks amazing and I get compliments on that all the time. Very nice product.

Lovely scent and refreshing toner.

Another perfect ingredient to my skincare recipe, the toning mist has a light refreshing scent and makes my skin feel so light and clean. This is also the most recent addition to my routine, and I'm surprised how much an improvement it makes.

Gentle for my skin

The calming Cleansing Grains is what I use every morning and night in my skincare routine. I love how gentle, but deep cleaning it is on my skin. All natural is the way to go!

Makeup Remover + Cleansing Oil ✨
Cassandra Mahlstedt

I have aging skin (56) and I have been using this for oil about 5 years. My skin is supple, & clear. I love cleansing with it on the daily. A good routine goes a LONG way.

Acne Spot Treatment ✨
kortney anderson
Repeat buyer

When I have a breakout coming on I put this on before I go to bed and it’s gone the next morning! My favorite.

Lovely for fine hair

Hair oil makes my hair shiny and smells wonderful. I prefer to use as a mask or on dry hair (I get carried away and use too much on wet hair).

Amazing for my skin

The first time I used it I was unsure at first. This was my first powdered cleanser. But I use it everyday and I love it! My skin loves it!

Perfect for work

I love using this whenever my skin gets dry at work. It's the perfect size and the smell is so comforting <3. Not greasy at all too!

All Over Oil
Bruno Oliveira
Patchouli All Over Oil

I love this product! The smell is amazing and it's not greasy at all. My skin feels great and I haven't gotten any breakouts from it. Definitely will be buying it again.

Facewhip ☁️
Elizabeth Satchell
Versatile and luxurious

Facewhip is definitely a new way to approach face care and make-up and I will never go back. Follow the steps and you will have soft, luxurious skin! I have embraced a more natural look and it perfect for that. But also, I have mixed it with shimmer powder (also from Twinkle!) to add color for days when I want more sparkle (get it? Twinkle, sparkle, haha 🙌). You can add as little or as much shimmer powder as you want for a color specific to you (or even combos). Then use that in a variety of ways-cheeks, lips, etc. A little Facewhip goes a long way. It’s luxurious and versatile!

Toning Mist ✨
Jan Wishon
New to using Toning Mist.

I began using Stefanie’s products and wanted to follow her morning and evening skincare routine. I had never used toner before, so when I began to use it I really enjoyed the extra clean feel and look that it gave my skin. I am now a faithful toning mist user. ( just bought the 32 ouncer).

Bloom Perfume
Delicious and Uplifting

This is a gorgeous perfume! It is so floral and sweet, but not stuffy or sticky like commercial florals. It wears down to this creamy, comfortable, flowery haze. I’m not sure how something can feel so fresh and warm, but it does!

Unbelievable moisturizer

The face whip is actually difficult to describe; it is an unbelievable moisturizer, feels like a cloud, smells light and lovely, and there’s just nothing else like it. The tiniest bit, maybe half the size of a pea, covers my entire face. I use it as the last step of my skin care routine at night, and every morning I wake up and my skin still feels incredibly moisturized. I am obsessed with all of Twinkle Apothecary’s products, but this might be my favorite.

So refreshing and helpful.

This is the first step of my nightly skin care routine, and my skin just loves it. I use the pink clay and aloe, and the scent is light. It definitely feels refreshing and the help it gives my skin is quite noticeable. If I skip on doing a face mask for a week or two, my skin tends to break out more. I’m on my third refill and don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Cuticle Oil
Perfect compliment to my manicures.

I generally only use this oil after my weekly-ish manicures as a final step to lock in extra moisture. And my cuticles absolutely know when I skip using the oil. When I use it regularly, my cuticles do not split like they typically do during any time of the year. It has a light scent and non-greasy feel.

All Over Oil
Seriously the best body oil.

I’ve tried tons of different oils, and this is hands-down the best out there. It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling, just soft and moisturized. I’ve only tried the pink grapefruit, which has the loveliest scent, not overpowering at all. I love it so much I’m on my third or maybe fourth refill.

Works so great.

I just love using the acne spot treatment, it keeps my face so clear throughout the month. I don’t find it works on an existing pimple, but it is aces at preventing pimples if you’re using it daily. I roll it on my chin last as part of my normal face skin care routine.

Travel Skincare Set ✈️
HIdden Gem

I was nervous to change up my skincare because I was a month out from my wedding ceremony, but it was the BEST thing I could have done! I got a sunburn on my face right before the big day and had seen Stefanie post about how to moisturize to help from peeling. This set saved me! Fast forward to today (1 month post-ceremony, 2 months of using this) and my skin is in the best shape...maybe ever? I'd put this up against bigger brands any day.