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Twinkle Apothecary

Eye Serum 👁

$ 16.00

 Our roll-on eye serum combines skin-nourishing grapeseed, rosehip, and jojoba with potent essential oils to uplift, moisturize, and soothe your delicate eye area! It's a perfect lightweight companion to our facial oil for eyes that need a little extra love.

✨ why it's great ✨ 

Antioxidant rich grapeseed oil is also an astringent, meaning that it helps to tighten your skin.  

Rosehip oil is rich in vitamins A and C, and it soaks right into your skin to work wonders on fine lines and wrinkles. 

Richly moisturizing jojoba oil also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that helps to firm skin.

Steam distilled coffee bean oil, carrot seed, helichrysum, and chamomile essential oils are rich in antioxidants, and possess anti-inflammatory, astringent, and skin-healing properties to uplift, repair, and soothe the delicate skin around your eyes.

Gently rolling the serum into your under-eye area also helps to increase circulation, which decreases puffiness... it's the perfect way to wake up your eyes in the mornings! 

👩‍🏫  instructions 👩‍🏫

Very gently roll bottle under eye area to dispense product to clean skin.  

Lightly tap/press any excess oil into your skin and upper eye area using your ring finger. 

Wait a few moments before applying makeup to allow the oils to soak into your skin.

Can be used morning, night, or whenever you need a refresh.

Can be applied before or after our facial oil or beauty butter

🌱 ingredients 🌱

wildcrafted grapeseed oil, wildcrafted rosehip oil, wildcrafted jojoba oil, non-gmo tocopherol oil (vitamin E), essential oils of roasted coffee bean, carrot seed (organic,) helichrysum (organic,) roman chamomile (organic) 

👃 what it smells like 👃 

earthy, herbal, and a little sweet 



♻️ refills ♻️ 

This item is refillable in our OKC shop for 20% off the retail price. New - 2 oz refill bottle refills a 5 ml roll on bottle approximately 12 times, or the 10 ml roll on bottle approximately 6 times! 

    Eye Serum 👁

    $ 16.00

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews
    Paula R.
    The eye serum is great

    The eye serum is great for the eyes and the line that goes from the eyes to the mouth.

    Ally B.
    I’ve slowly been transitioning my

    I’ve slowly been transitioning my skincare routine to all Twinkle products. And man every time I add a a new product my skin looks better and better! I love the eye serum, easy to apply, smells great and really does help to reduce morning puffiness.

    Amanda S.

    Outrageous, calming for puffy eyes. Scent is light and airy. Making you feel instantly relaxed. Rolls on smooth and so easy. My under eye skin I has lightened and brightened. Absolutely delicious eye candy.

    Ellie C.
    Eye Serum is the best!

    The absolute best! Goes on smooth, feels so light and works like magic! I use this twice a day and have seen such a difference around my eyes. Smoother, brighter skin. Love love love.

    Helps Me Face the Day!

    I LOVE this. Will always need it now that I know about it! I often have puffy eyes when I wake up and this takes that completely away; the feeling and the visual. It helps me wake up, smells good (but I don’t notice a lasting scent, for anyone concerned about that), feels good (that cold metal rollerball!!! yesss) and has already made a noticeable difference in how healthy and soft the skin around my eyes is. Do yourself a favor! I have been telling all my friends and family about it.