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The Twinkle Apothecary Patreon membership is a way to connect and go deeper into the world of Twinkle Apothecary.

I started a Patreon community in the fall of 2021 because I was feeling burned out on social media, and I found myself wishing I had a way to connect with people away from all of the noise and ads. I also wanted a place where I could practice writing and sharing my recipes, because one of my eventual goals is to write them all down in a book for you someday! 

Now in 2024, thanks to the support of my Patreon community I’ve said goodbye to social media algorithms (and the battle of the billionaire bros’ toxic egos) for good. I’m a free woman and I couldn’t be happier!

There are two ways to join in on the fun - by signing up for free, or, as a paid member for more perks!

The Free Membership Tier:

Audio posts

Joining the Twinkle Apothecary Patreon community as a free member gives you access to all of my audio blogs, including my "Stefanie Speaks Twinkle" posts, where I talk you through every single product that I make.

It's kind of like a super low budget podcast where instead of having to work in awkwardly long sponsored content and ads, I simply give you my advice for minimizing your routine and connecting to the earth through the beauty of natural fragrances. One product at a time. 

Click here to join and listen for $0/month.

Additional content and recipes á la carte

Free members also have the option to purchase the official Twinkle Apothecary recipes for at-home DIY crafting for $3-$5 each. There's also occasional behind-the-scenes peeks, blogs, and extra-credit content like skincare challenges, the ability to offer feedback by participating in polls, and whatever else I can dream up to share!

The paid membership tier:

($5/month, or $54/year if paid annually)

In addition to audio posts and all of the free content, joining as a paid member has a lot of useful benefits!


Paid members have free access to every recipe that I share on Patreon, as well as the opportunity to ask questions and receive support from me in your home crafting pursuits.


Mail-in bottle refills are only available to paid members of the Twinkle Apothecary Patreon. The bottle return shipping is free, and all refills are 20% off the original retail price. Refilling your bottles can save you enough money to cover the cost of your membership!

Group chat

Paid members have the option to participate in conversations, share their own photos, and see/comment on the behind-the-scenes content that I share in the group chat on the Patreon app.

Surprise Scent reveals

The Surprise Scent subscription is never a surprise to paid Patreon members. I reveal the secret in advance so you can plan out your perfume purchases!

 Extra content, like blogs, videos, and whatever else I can dream up to share are also available to paid members. If this sounds fun to you, you are definitely invited to join my little club. Click the link below to check it out!

 Visit Twinkle Apothecary on Patreon

Hope to see you there!



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