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Twinkle Apothecary

Balm: for lips, face, body

Balm: for lips, face, body

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  • Handmade
  • Vegan
  • 100% Natural
About Twinkle Apothecary

Multitasking Moisture 

Yup, just balm. Just one balm for anything and everything, because that's how I roll. (Or, rub?) 

This is your lip balm, lotion stick, cuticle cream, and skin-softening miracle salve for anywhere you need relief from dry, itchy, or chapped skin. You can even use it as a hair pomade, clear mascara, or brow tamer. (Yes, I'm serious!) 

Balm has a rich, soothing texture that's non-pore clogging and soaks in quickly to leave your skin feeling cushiony-soft and protected, never greasy or oily. 

The scent is a subtle and sweet blend of lavender and chamomile that won't overpower your natural perfume. It's available in a small .2 oz (5g/ml) or great big 1 oz (30g/ml) biodegradable tube for healing moisture on the go. I suggest getting one of each, because once you try it, you'll never want to be without it!

Note: The small tube may look tiny but it actually holds a bit more product than a standard, plastic lip balm tube! 


    shea butter, candelilla wax, organic sunflower oil, mango seed butter, wildcrafted jojoba oil, organic evening primrose oil, virgin red raspberry seed oil, organic avocado oil, tocopherol oil (vitamin e,) essential oils of lavender, chamomile, carrot seed, roasted coffee bean

    Shelf life: 1 year

    natural butters and wax: form a protective barrier layer to lock in moisture without clogging pores. (Pictured on product cover photo: shea nuts.) 

    plant oils: full of skin-repairing, anti-inflammatory fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins to replenish moisture and strengthen the skin barrier 

    essential oils: soothe and repair skin while providing a subtle, fresh scent


    Carefully push up the bottom of the tube to reveal the balm. Apply to lips, face, hands, body, or anywhere you need intensively healing moisture. Apply the balm directly on the skin or rub some between your hands and apply with your fingers. 

    Keep in mind: A little goes a long way. All-over balm will soak in to leave you feeling soft, not greasy, but I recommend starting small and adding more as needed. 

    Try it on: hands, callouses, cuticles, lips, elbows, knees, feet, chapped winter skin, after grooming, as a bikini balm or hair pomade. It also makes a perfect clear mascara and brow tamer. 

    As a hair pomade: rub a small amount of balm in your hands and smooth over hair to tame frizz and add shape and moisturizing texture. Can also be used as a beard pomade.

    As a mascara or brow tamer: gently rub a spoolie brush over your balm and apply a small amount to your lashes and brows as you would mascara or another brow product. 

    Product FAQs

    Is this pore clogging? 

    This balm should not clog your pores, but it's a very rich moisturizer that's best used sparingly on the face to spot treat any super dry & chapped areas. 

    I'm sensitive to caffeine, can I use this? 

    Yes, it should be fine. There is a very tiny amount of roasted coffee bean oil in this product. Coffee bean oil is a deeply penetrating moisturizer, but in this application, it mostly just serves to soften and add depth to the scent profile. 

    I have another question...

    Scroll down and click on the button that says "Ask a Question" and I will respond ASAP. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Balm is essential!

    Balm is absolutely a daily essential for me. I've been an absolute champion of body butter for years, and recently ordered balm just to give it a try and now I'm obsessed with both. I mainly use balm on my lips and cuticles, and nothing has ever worked better. My cuticles were so torn and aggravated, and after just two days of applying balm, they look and feel so good. It's not at all oily or greasy, it just rubs in smoothly and moisturizes without transferring off.

    That's awesome to hear, I'm so glad it's working for you!

    Reviewer avatar
    Looks great!

    I got a little sample size of this for my sister in law and I hope she likes it! I have a feeling she will :)!

    Awesome! What a great gift - thanks for leaving a review!

    Taylor S.

    Works well!

    I'm so glad to hear it! Thanks for the review!


    I’m picky about balms. Most are too glossy/oily that they just sit on the skin/lips leaving them still feeling dry/tight underneath. This balm is one of the few that I would repurchase. I’m glad that it doesn’t contain coconut oil because to me that's more of a dry oil that doesn’t moisturize much lol. I love this balm’s texture— it’s thick, soothes, softens, and leaves a protective layer that lasts✨

    This is such wonderful feedback and a great way to describe the effectiveness of All Over Balm. Thank you for the amazing review!

    Sonja S.
    Love all over balm!

    It’s not the lavender latte which was my favorite. But I can use all over balm on my lips and rough spots on my hands and even face to guard from the cold. Will definitely purchase again!

    I'm so glad you love it enough to repurchase it! Thank you for taking a chance on my new formulation!



    Most items are handmade to order, and most orders ship within 3 business days.

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    All sales are final. Start with a sample to find out how this product will work for you.

    If your order arrives damaged, please email ASAP for replacement options.


    For questions about this product: Click on the button that says "Ask a question." I will respond here ASAP.

    Email for order inquiries.  

    Socially: Join the Twinkle Apothecary Patreon community for a weekly chat and Q&A session.

    I am not on social media and do not message/DM through social media apps. Your Instagram or Facebook message will not be seen. Please also note that I do not provide free skincare consultations or medical advice.

    Contact your doctor if you have questions about using essential oils, or any of my natural products, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a compromised immune system.

    Click here for answers to more FAQs.


    Mail-in refills are available to paid members of the Twinkle Apothecary Patreon community. Bottle return shipping is free, and refills are 20% off the retail price.

    For more information about refilling your bottles at home, click here.


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    To pause, edit, switch, or cancel your subscription orders and to edit your subscription shipping address, log into your account and click on the "My Subscriptions" button. 

    Updating your subscription address is a SEPARATE ACTION from updating the default address on your Twinkle customer account. Update both to make sure you get your order.

    If you move, you are responsible for updating your shipping address before your next charge date. Orders shipped to the wrong address will not be refunded or replaced.

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