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Join Us On Patreon

Everyone is invited to join the Twinkle Apothecary community on 

Why Patreon?

Because Patreon is the best way for this tiny one person brand (hi!) to connect with my community, offer more in-depth knowledge and advice, and provide extra special services to my most loyal customers and brand friends.

Joining Patreon isn't necessary to partake in the Twinkle magic and enjoy these lovely handcrafted products, but if you can swing it, a membership is a great way to stay in touch and support my creativity without causing me to burnout in the process. (Been there, done that!)

Obviously, there are some perks in it for you too. Scroll down to learn more!

twinkle apothecary patreon

Tier 1: $5 per month

You get: DIY recipes and blogs, weekly Q&A session, behind the scenes with Patreon Lens

This is your backstage pass

Joining Tier 1 for just $5 per month gets you behind the scenes access through the Patreon mobile app. I use the "lens clips" feature to share photos of my day - what I'm working on, wearing, eating... just about anything! I use this instead of Instagram now, because it's easier to connect with people there, and a lot more fun (for one thing, there are no ads!)

DIY recipes and blogs

I'm also in the process of sharing ALL of my Twinkle Apothecary recipes with my Patrons. So for $5/month you can get all of my product recipes, and will basically never have to buy anything from me again. Crazy, I know! I try to share at least one recipe a month to make it worth your while... 

Weekly Q&A sessions 

If you need extra help with your routine, or just have lots of questions for a small business owner, I offer a weekend Q&A session for all of my patrons. You can ask me anything, every Friday - Sunday. No consultation appointments needed. 

Tier 2: $20 per month 

You get: everything in tier 1 + free shipping on refills + EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS

My mail-in refill program is now only available to members of my Patreon community. Joining at the tier 2 level gets you everything in tier 1, plus free shipping any time you send your bottles back for a refill. (AND did you know that refills are 20% off the regular retail price?! Win-win!) 

Access archived perfumes and retired products

This is for my vintage Twinkle lovers! Tier 2 members can order any of my archived fragrances or retired products on demand. These products are listed in a password-protected collection on the Twinkle website, which you can only access if you're a current member. It's kind of like a virtual perfume speakeasy, only for those in the know! 

Simple customized products 

In addition to retired products, you can also request customization at this level! Got a hankering for Mulholland in your All Over Oil? Or maybe you'd like to add some rosemary to your shampoo? What about some Goddess hand sanitizer? Or a little bronze shimmer powder in your facial oil? DONE! No extra charge. The cost of these add-ons is covered by your monthly membership fee!  

But that's not all...

Customs customs customs! 

All Patreon members (regardless of tier) are eligible to design a fully customized product with me after $300 in lifetime pledges. If you've ever wanted to create a bespoke fragrance, or your perfect facial oil, (or whatever else you can dream up!) think of your monthly membership as a way to pre-pay for the custom design fee of your own bespoke products.

The Twinkle Apothecary Patreon is where it's at these days. Well, it's where I'm at at least! 🤣

I hope you'll consider joining me there!  
- Stefanie -