Twinkle '23 Recap

Twinkle '23 Recap

and some important things to know for 2024...

What a wild ride Twinkle Apothecary has taken this year!

I gotta say, 2023 definitely made my head spin at times. Some of it felt really hard - like making the decision to close my retail store in March - but some of it felt really great. (Finding the perfect home to work from and freeing myself from social media are definite high points!)

At the end of it all I'm just happy to be here making good things for you, and I am so grateful to have your support.

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Here are a few stats from the year, just for fun...

New fragrances released: 6

Crushed Tuberose, Soft Musk, Orange Blossom, Earth, Conifer, Candy Cane Forest

(Not including the vintage solid perfumes!)

Blog posts written: 51

(Not including everything I shared on Patreon! Also, I guess this one makes 52. Haha!)

Speaking of,

Number of Twinkle recipes shared on Patreon: 8

Glowing 4 & 5 star reviews received: 132

Twinkle Stars earned: 444,650 (!)

And here are the top 15 Twinkle products by units sold:

1. Oil

2. Surprise Scent Monthly

3. Perfume Archives

4. Toner

5. Butter

6. Shimmer Balms

7. Cleanser

8. Filter Balm

9. Deodorant

10. Body Butter

11. Carrier Oils

12. Balm

13. Eye Serum

14. Acne Spot Treatment

15. Light Lotion

Wow. My only wish for 2024 is to just keep going with this energy!

As we move into the new year, I want to let you know that I am making a couple of small updates starting in January.

First, my free shipping minimum is moving up to $65.

I hate having to make this change, but my shipping bill has really gotten out of hand lately. Fortunately for you though, it's easy to earn a free shipping coupon through the Twinkle Star rewards program so be sure to take advantage of that perk if you aren't already!

Secondly, I am raising the price of my 5 ml perfumes from $30 to $35. Now that I don't have a store with shelves to stock I make these one at a time, which I prefer because it keeps things fresh, but it takes... well... a lot of time!

I will be keeping my Surprise Scent Monthly subscription at $25 so I recommend jumping on that if you're a natural scent junkie who loves a bargain!

All of the other fragrance sizes will remain the same price, and samples will stay at $5. Someone recently asked me why I price my samples cheaper per ml than the full size bottles - the answer is that I think of it as a way to encourage you to try new things! I've been selling perfume online for 8+ years now, so I like to think that I know what works, but the truth is that every business is an experimental work in progress. (Especially in today's fast-changing world!) I'll see how this goes and re-evaluate if necessary for 2025.

And, that's all!

Phew! Not too painful, right?

Don't forget that it's the last day-and-a-half to earn double points, and to buy Candy Cane Forest before it moves to the archives!

(Not to mention buying all of the perfumes for $30!)

Wishing you all a happy and safe New Year. Thank you for being here in 2023!



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