Dope Queen Oil 🍃🔥🍂

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dope queen oil twinkle apothecary
dope queen oil twinkle apothecary
dope queen oil twinkle apothecary

This mellow, soothing scent is full of healing herbs that can help reduce nausea, headaches, and anxiety, so it's perfect for anyone undergoing medical treatments that may affect their sense of smell and cause upset stomach. It's also perfect for anyone who just loves clean herbal fragrances!  

Overall impression: herbal, earthy, green, anti-perfume  

Top notes: fresh, cooling mint 

Middle notes: warm ginger, herbaceous clean lavender, green herbs 

Base notes: earthy, slightly spicy, cannabis 

herbal 🌱 spicy 🔥 earthy 🍂

✨ why it's great ✨

  • This is the same formula as our all over oil - a simple-yet-luxurious feeling blend of organic sunflower, wildcrafted grapeseed and rose hip oils, with organic evening primrose oil. Soaks right in to leave your skin feeling healthy and moisturized.
  • A non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) oil that is appropriate for your body, face, and hair. Multitaskers and minimalists, rejoice! 
👩‍🏫 instructions 👩‍🏫 
  • Bathe: squeeze a few pumps into your bathwater to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of your favorite Twinkle fragrance while hydrating and softening your skin. 

  • Shave: apply to dampened skin to moisturize, protect, and increase razor glide while shaving. 

  • Moisturize: apply to body as a moisturizer after bathing to soften skin. 

  • Multitask: apply a few drops to hair to tame frizz and boost the staying power of your signature scent!

🌱 ingredients 🌱 

organic sunflower oil, wildcrafted grapeseed oil, organic evening primrose oil, wildcrafted rosehip oil, non-gmo tocopherol oil (vitamin E), essential oils of lavender, ginger, basil, peppermint, rosemary, hemp, and coriander CO2

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dope queen oil twinkle apothecary
dope queen oil twinkle apothecary
dope queen oil twinkle apothecary

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