Himalayan Salt Heart Crystal Mini

Twinkle Apothecary

$ 8.00
pink Himalayan salt heart crystal twinkle apothecary
This miniature heart made of pink Himalayan salt is a sweet (erm, salty...) way to enhance a massage, or supercharge the odor neutralizing power of our deodorant.
Himalayan salt crystals are said to have calming, grounding, and detoxifying properties, but we mostly love them because they're pink and  a d o r a b l e!   
As a natural deodorant alternative: After bathing, dampen the stone, and gently rub the smoothest section on your armpit. Once your underarms have dried, apply our deodorant in your favorite scent. The salts help keep odor causing bacteria at bay, while our deodorant soothes, absorbs moisture, and makes you smell great!  Note that this is not recommended for those with sensitive skin as it may cause a slight stinging sensation. Luckily, our deodorant has a moisturizing, soothing effect that we find counteracts any irritation.   

pink himalayan salt:
Rich in over 80 essential and trace minerals including Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron and Copper
Helps regulate the moisture level of the skin
Re-mineralizes the skin
Revitalizes the skin
Provides relief and promotes the healing of psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions
Acts as a natural exfoliant
Leaves skin looking smoother
Helps draw out toxins
Stimulates blood circulation
Relaxes muscles
Relieves aches and pains
Reduces stiffness

1 mini Himalayan salt heart shaped crystal - approximately 1" in diameter. Colors may vary slightly from pictured. 

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