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Twinkle Apothecary

After Shave Mist 🪒

$ 15.00

This gently astringent mist will soothe and moisturize skin after grooming and help prevent and heal ingrown hairs. 

✨  why it's great ✨

witch hazel has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties to tighten pores and reduce redness and inflammation 

lavender hydrosol has a soothing, cooling effect on the skin 

jojoba oil provides lightweight moisture that doesn't clog pores

aloe vera has moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties, as well as being full of skin-repairing anti-oxidants 

white willow bark is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is said to promote cell-turnover, which prevents clogged pores and ingrown hairs 

essential oils of juniper, lavender, sweet orange, and basil have toning, astringent and anti-bacterial properties while being soothing to the skin and leaving a light, fresh scent

👩‍🏫  instructions 👩‍🏫

Shake well as the jojoba oil separates from the witch hazel and hydrosol 

Mist directly onto skin immediately after shaving, or mist onto hands and pat onto skin 

Can be used anywhere on body (or face) 

Use before applying bikini balm or your favorite moisturizer 

🌱  ingredients 🌱

witch hazel 86%, organic lavender hydrosol, wildcrafted jojoba oil, aloe vera powder, white willow bark powder, essential oils of juniper, sweet orange, lavender, basil 

 👃  what it smells like 👃

light, fresh, herbal, tea-like  

♻️  eco packaging options ♻️

This item is refillable in our OKC shop for 20% off the retail price. 


After Shave Mist 🪒

$ 15.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love this as a face

Love this as a face toner!

Making shaving worth it!

I sometime shave my legs just so I can use this! My skin was so itchy and sensitive after shaving and had been looking for a product to soothe my skin. This product is PERFECT! Its a nice lightweight formula and smells REALLY GOOD! I noticed the difference right away. No more itchy legs!

Allison L.
Good Stuff!

This really works well. I use it on any skin that is itchy.

Amy B.
The smell has me hooked!

I love how light this spray is. It is perfect for making skin feel pampered and hydrated. I absolutely love the smell too! Definitely a staple in my routine now!

Kate K.
Love this product!

I’ve been using this after I shave and it helps a lot with razor burn. Also, been using it where I get heat rashes, and it helps that too!