Retired Fragrances 2017/2018 - Made to Order

Twinkle Apothecary

$ 20.00
We're no longer keeping our seasonal fragrances from 2017-2018 in stock, but we would never take away your favorite scent! Place your order and we'll mix it up just for you and ship it ASAP. 
(Sorry, we are not offering samples of these scents so order them at your own risk!)

a rich, warm, spicy floral scent - ingredients: cardamom co2, rose absolute, jasmine absolute, sandalwood oil 

a sweet and classy solid fragrance - ingredients: blood orange oil, neroli oil, ylang ylang oil, tonka bean absolute, rose floral wax 

a crisp fruity floral scent - ingredients: coconut co2, grapefruit oil, cognac oil, cilantro oil, ylang ylang oil, lime oil, orange blossom 

a warm beachy citrus scent (yes, it matches our wave spray!) - ingredients: coconut co2, yuzu oil, sandalwood oil, ylang ylang oil, lemongrass oil 

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