My Nighttime Skincare Routine (Video!)

My Nighttime Skincare Routine (Video!)

My nighttime skincare routine is truly one of the highlights of my day, but it is best done in silence.

I'm sorry... it's just that after a long day of answering the same questions over and over in my shop, and also via email, the last thing I want to do is hear myself say the same thing to myself. Because as I'm saying it, I'm observing myself saying it for the millionth time, and I just get so sick of hearing myself saying it all over again. Again. I just want to shut myself off from the world and enjoy my lovely products, not think about why they work. They just do. Because I said so.  

But nevertheless, I persisted and stumbled through this horribly awkward video that is hopefully helpful to those of you who need visuals and don't like to read. 

I'm sorry I can't get that excited to chat about skincare at 8pm on a Monday night. I'm not fake, ok? 

But, this is my fave routine, and I love it. Double cleansing may seem like too much for many of you, but it keeps my skin clear and balanced so why would I change something that works so well for me?

That being said, and because I get a lot of questions about ways to simplify, there are a lot of ways to customize it, and as promised, here are a few different options:

1. Instead of oil cleansing to remove makeup, ($$$) you could use a makeup eraser, ($$) or, a konjac sponge and water ($).  

2. You could just oil cleanse, skipping the powder cleanser step. (I do this sometimes when I'm super tired at night.)

3. You could oil cleanse and massage it in with the konjac sponge for a little exfoliation, without having to break out a powder cleanser/facemask. 

4. You could mix the cleansing oil into the powder cleanser and get the benefits of both at the same time. (Just don't rub the powder cleanser into your eyes - you'll have to remove eye makeup a different way!) 

5. If you're not wearing makeup, you can just use the powder cleanser. (Or even if you are wearing makeup - again, just don't rub it into your eyes!) 

6. If you have dry skin and aren't prone to breakouts, you could skip the toning mist and go straight to the hydrosol step. 

7. If you have oily skin, never ever skip the toner, but you could skip the hydrosol, and the beauty butter at the end. Don't skip moisturizing completely though. Adding oil to your face will actually help it find its natural balance. (Rose hydrosol is balancing too, just fyi.)

And of course, you could sub out any of my facial oils or serums for both the oil cleansing and moisturizing steps (or use the same one for both steps even!) You can also sub out any of my powder cleansers or facemasks for the cleansing grains step.

Cleansing grains for less exfoliation... 

Exfoliating powder cleanser or any of the facemasks for more exfoliation... 

(use the sandalwood + aloe facemask for the most exfoliation.)  

Just don't wash your face with soap/foaming cleansers. Unless you like stripping away everything that's good and beneficial on your face and making your skin over-produce oil that is...   

Have I lost you yet, non-readers of the world? 

Cool cool. 

If you want to learn more and don't hate looking at icky words on your screen, 😜 I highly suggest checking out my weekly skincare schedule posts, where I write down every single thing I do to my face morning and night. There, you'll be able to see where I mix it up, pare it down, skip steps, add steps, switch out products, etc., etc. (Don't worry, I add some kinda-cute graphics?!?) 

So, as I say in the video, "yeah." 

So, yeah. That's it. 😆

Hope it's helpful! 

- Stefanie -  

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