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Our newest creation is a completely natural cake mascara that doubles as a liner! Who knew something so simple could be so effective?! 
(Okay, we did, because that's kind of our thing...) 
Your lashes are about to meet their new BFF. 
  • A wax based tint that comes in a jar - use your favorite brushes (or add on ours) to brush it on your lashes, lash line, and eye lids! 
  • Can be used as a mascara, eye liner, or on the lids as a soft smoky/smudgy eyeshadow look. 
  • Eye tint lifts, separates, and defines lashes while adding a bit of volume for a natural look. We love that it helps our lashes keep their curl instead of weighing them down. Use just a little bit for casual days, or layer it on for a more dramatic effect. 
  • Our natural eye tint is not waterproof, but it does last and it doesn't clump or flake. (Can we get a hallelujah?!)  
  • If you wear a lot of oils and butters on your face (and you know we do around here) eye tint can smudge a bit, but it wipes off easily with your fingers, a tissue, or cotton swab. We recommend using our translucent mattifying powder and/or a foundation/concealer around your eyes to help it stay put - it's not necessary for every day but it would be helpful for big nights out or when the weather is humid!   
  • Available in three colors: Black, Cocoa, and Bronze. (See detail pictures for swatches!) 
  • BEFORE FIRST USE: Prime your eye tint by rubbing it with a (clean) finger (or a paper towel) until your start to pick up some color. In production, as the freshly melted eye tints cool, some of the pigment can sink under a top layer of wax, so this step will ensure you're picking up enough color on your brush with your very first application. Don't worry, it doesn't take much to get it going! 
    • As a mascara: rub your mascara wand around on the eye tint cake and brush it on your lashes. We don't recommend this on the lower lashes because it may smudge, but it works beautifully on the upper lashes! Start with a little bit then layer on more as necessary.  

      • As a liner: rub your liner brush on the eye tint and apply it to your upper or lower lash line.  
        • As an eyeshadow: use your fingers, a brush, or a sponge to apply the eye tint to your lids. 
        • Keep your eye tint dry! Like most of our products, eye tint is preservative free, and adding water may introduce mold. Adding water is unnecessary as our wax based formula spreads perfectly on its own anyway! 
        • Be gentle with your eye tint (like any other makeup product) - don't open it while it's upside down or it could fall out of its container. It is still useable if it does fall out though, just pop it back in! 
        • Storage: close the lid tightly and keep it wherever you keep your makeup. It may melt in extreme heat so don't leave it in a hot car. Otherwise it's pretty darn sturdy and portable. 
        • To remove: Eye tint washes off just fine with soap and water, but we don't actually recommend using soap on your face, so any oil based makeup remover or plain carrier oil will do the trick! Massage the oil over your lids and lashes and wipe off with a tissue, cotton pad, or warm, damp cloth.   

          candelilla wax, carnauba wax, wildcrafted jojoba oil, iron oxides, mica, titanium dioxide, organic virgin coconut oil, tocopherol oil (vitamin E) 

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