Year in Review... Our Best New 2021 Green Beauty Releases, Reviewed by You!

Year in Review... Our Best New 2021 Green Beauty Releases, Reviewed by You!

 Don't you love a good end of year compilation post?

2021 was a...

well, let's call it a "transition" year for my business. 

After almost 6 years of putting out product after product after product for monthly beauty boxes and perfume subscriptions, I made a decision to pull back and focus on quality over quantity.

This was a necessary step just to be able to survive being a one person business and single mom in the midst of the pandemic, but also, I think things were getting out of hand, and the last thing that I want is for my brand to be encouraging overconsumption.

To be honest, It wasn't an easy transition to make, because even though none of us really want to over consume, the fact that I always had something new to offer had always been a great way to get your attention in the past. That, combined with the fact that I didn't want to discount my work (obviously that went out the window... a gal and her kid have got to eat... so coupons it is... you win... actually, don't tell anyone but I raised my prices so I could put things "on sale" and it freaking worked like a charm didn't it lol) and that there are 50 billion other beauty brands all up in your faces 24/7 promising the next new miracle product, meant that my little slow beauty biz faced some struggles this year!

Ah well, such is life... what goes up must come down, am I right?    

I have no regrets though. On a personal note, I think it's also important to recognize when you're out of balance. One, slash"I," can't possibly be all "output" all the time. I knew that it was time to restore myself and refill my cup with a little bit more "input" this year...

This is real self care.

(As opposed to "Instagram/tik tok self care." Two totally different things!)      

So while I didn't intend to release a lot of new in 2021, I ended up with 6 solid products, 3 of which are very lovely, intricate and multifaceted perfumes, which, by the way, is still a lot compared to most "professional" noses. Also, I'm obviously leaving out all of the fragrances I created for my other brand, Notes by SGC. ELLE-OH-ELLE!

I'm quite proud of all of these products, and could talk about how much I love them all day long... but I think it's much more interesting to hear from those of you who tried them and had something to say!

(Of course, if you want to hear what I have to say, you are welcome to join me on my Patreon - because getting paid for the content I create is also self care - are we noticing a theme here?) 

But let's hear it from you folks - starting with the very first product I released to celebrate the inauguration of our country's first Madam VP! 

Madam VP is a delicate and fresh herbal/floral fragrance that I packed with just about every heart healing botanical I could think of, because, well, we need it, right?

I thought this review was spot on... thank you Darcee!

madam vp review twinkle apothecary

If you haven't tried it, this is a great "breath of fresh air" type of scent to go into the new year with... samples are $5 and it's available in a roll-on or spray for $30!

Next up, some body care!

Candida calming serum. If you ever get itchy down there and don't want to resort to random drugstore creams, you'll want to keep this on hand. Of course, ALWAYS see a doctor to diagnose and treat infections first though!

candida calming serum review twinkle apothecary

 AGREE, Allison... agree. Thank you!

Curious? Samples are available for $8 and the full size 2 oz bottle is $38.

After Shave mist is my new lifesaver, and I think this review from Dasha says it all: 

after shave mist review twinkle apothecary

By the way, after shave mist can be used anywhere on your body or face... in addition to toning skin and soothing anything itchy, it also makes a great natural deodorant spray. Who doesn't love a good multipurpose product? If you're looking to streamline your routine in 2022, it's a must try. $15 for 2 oz, $30 for 8 oz

Now, Sundays perfume.

One of my favorite (yet possibly one of the most complicated) things I've ever made, but sadly it also revealed my very first ever natural perfume allergy! Turns out, the tulip tree absolute used in this gives me a rash... very sad times because I would LOVE to be able to wear this light but complex, fresh yet cozy, herbal green musk.

Thankfully, my allergies aren't indicative of what you can or can't tolerate, and this one turned out to be a crowd favorite. Special shout out to twinkle friends like Kate, who followed the whole saga of crowdsourcing a perfume (see: Pompette) during the pandemic! 

sundays perfume review twinkle apothecary  I think this would also be a great fresh scent for the new year, so if you haven't tried it yet, be sure to get yourself a $5 sample! 

Now, as I said, I released 6 new products this year, but sadly only these 4 have reviews posted by you!

The other two products, which no one has reviewed yet, are: 

Menstrual cup cleanser spray

menstrual cup cleansing spray twinkle apothecary  

Perhaps I need to get more of you on board with these FANTASTIC, LIFE CHANGING DEVICES in 2022?! For the record, I love this product and use it every month as an extra sanitizing/refresh step when I clean my cup. I LOVE the smell and I also use it to quick-clean other beauty tools (like my gua sha or facial roller) when I feel like they need to be extra spiffy. $15 for 2 oz


and finally, Ginger Snap perfume

Listen, I've been wearing this non-stop for the past month. It's so soft and cozy and sweet without being cloying... and it layers so well with floral notes too! I'll probably be wearing it all winter layered with rose or nectar from Notes by SGC. I think the only reason it doesn't have any reviews posted yet is because it's brand new and the holidays are a busy time for everyone, because I can't imagine any of you crazy seasonal fragrance freaks not totally loving it too! Ha! 

 So, NBD, but just as a friendly reminder, posting product reviews is an easy way that you can SERIOUSLY help my small business reach the right people. It only takes a few moments, and you'll get a coupon to use on your next purchase, so it's an all-win situation for you. Be a pal and help me out so things aren't quite so strugg-ly in 2022?!

 And if you haven't tried any of these yet, what are you waiting for?!

Seriously. There's only one more day left to order Ginger Snap for the year, and to take advantage of this month's coupons (see the announcement bar at the top of the page for the codes.) 

 Hurry, quick! 

And if you're curious about the products that maybe aren't quite so new, here's a list of my top 12 sellers in 2021.

These are the well loved twinkle staples that are good all year/every year. So if you need some beauty inspiration for the new year, here's what everyone with the good skin is buying: 

twinkle apothecary top sellers 2021  

Thank you all for being here this year! Or should I say, "You're welcome for the good skin!"? LOL! 

 I can't wait to see what 2022 brings for Twinkle Apothecary - I'm sticking with this whole quality over quantity thing and not currently expecting to release anything new outside of limited edition products for my patrons, so I highly recommend joining my Patreon community to see what I come up with next. I feel very strongly that staying small and focusing on my community is the future of this business, so I hope that you'll consider joining me there.

Otherwise, I'll see you here browsing at - be sure to click on the links above for all of the details (and videos!) about how and why to use these products! 


- Stefanie -  

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