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These are truly natural perfumes -Β  handcrafted drop-by-drop from essential oils, absolutes, natural plant extracts, and nothing else.Β 

Our signature fragrances (the ones with the cute names like goddess, basic, blissed, pink mafia, etc.,) are our most popular scents. They're simple, straightforward, and crowd pleasing, with around 4-8 ingredients each, and come in an oil based mini sample, roll-on, or, alcohol based spray (both organic.) We'll also make any of these into a custom solid perfume for you!Β 

The perfume junkie club was our scent of the month subscription club, active from 2017-2020. Each scent comes in a different base and will be either a roll-on, spray, or solid. Unfortunately we're not able to offer mini samples of these. Check out the perfume discovery sample set to get a range of samples across our different fragrance collections!Β 

(Looking for the edits/asterisk collection?Β Those are over at now!)