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The Itty Bitty Gift Guide - Holiday '22

Phew. Halloween just passed and suddenly it's THE HOLIDAYS.

Are you ready? 

I'm certainly not! 

In fact, I think I'll just skip this year. 

Not like, IRL, but, business and retail-wise... because I'm still working out the details of my rebrand and don't have much to sell you!

I don't want to rush things just to try to capitalize on the mad dash, and I've always felt like Twinkle Apothecary was more of a treat-yourself kind of store anyway.

So, it's going to be a quiet one this year. 

(I don't hate this thought at all! It sounds kind of peaceful and refreshing, actually!)

But of course, I still have a few ideas for you if you'd like to share my products with your friends and family! I always appreciate your support this time of year, and despite the sometimes craziness of the mad dash, it feels so good to supply you all with something handmade and lovely to give.

It's just like being Santa! 🫶

Here are my top (and only!) Twinkle gift ideas for the season: 

1. Shimmer Balms 

twinkle apothecary shimmer balms

These are better than ever, if I do say so myself! They're newly reformulated to have more color payoff and a longer wear time, but the texture is still amazing. Try just one ($15) for a stocking stuffer, a trio of 3 for $40, or go big with this limited edition Ruby in a tube. ($35)

These make great gifts because they're easy to use, travel-friendly, and great for all skin types. Not sure which color to get? I think that Diamond, Citrine, Ruby, and limited edition Ginger Snap are the most festive and will work well for a range of different skin tones.

2. All Over Balm 

Who doesn't love a good lip balm/multipurpose moisturizing lotion stick? Everyone needs moisturizer in the winter, so this is a great gift for all genders, and also for people you don't know that well. Get the little one ($10) for a stocking stuffer, or the big one ($25) if you can spend a little more on their gift. It's sure to be appreciated!  

 3. Dope Queen Butter

This is pure luxury. ($55) Everyone loves the way Dope Queen butter smells and feels. Even if you don't go for minty, herbal smells (I don't!) there's something about this that is so addictively relaxing. Get it for someone you really love

Bonus add-on: this little foot brush ($8) makes it a whole self-care package! 

4. Nail Polish by BKIND

At $14 each, these make a great little stocking stuffer, and the quality is amazing. I just can't say enough good things about this brand. I know whoever gets this is going to love it. Spring for the base and top coats too if you really want them to know how much you care (about the health of their nails!) LOL ;)

5. Calming Cleansing Grains with a Hydrosol and Mask Applicator  

calming cleansing grains twinkle apothecary

So I'm out of most of my skincare at the moment, but it's not a problem, because this nourishing cleanser ($20) doubles as a face mask, and is wonderfully gentle for all skin types. 

Add this mask applicator ($10.50) to make it an extra special spa moment...

bkind face mask applicator twinkle apothecary

And a hydrosol ($22) to use as a gentle toner after they do their mask! 

They're gonna feel so pampered! 

6. Nasty Woman Collection

Is it weird to give deodorant as a gift? ($25) NOT IF THEY'RE (STILL!) A NASTY WOMAN. I know you know someone who'd appreciate any of these delicious body care items! (Like I said, even if you just need to treat yourself!)

 7. Single Note Perfumes

tea single note perfume twinkle apothecary

I know, I know. Everyone says you can't give perfume as a gift because it's too personal. But, whatever something is, shouldn't it begin by being personal? (Name that Thanksgiving movie...) 

Enter, the single-note perfumes. ($35) These are easy, light, wearable, and customizable. It's something they can add to their fragrance wardrobe or layer over their usual perfume. 

If they love florals, nectar or rose are an easy bet. Everyone loves lavender. Vanilla person? Cream! Know an avid tea drinker? I have something they're going to absolutely love. 

Only, you might want to mention that Notes by SGC isn't actually a thing anymore... still working on those new labels, sorry! 😅

8. A digital gift card

twinkle apothecary gift card

AS I SAID, THIS IS A TREAT-YOURSELF KIND OF A STORE! So, gift cards are forever and always the gift to give. 

Heads up - I don't have physical gift cards this year. (Again, with the rebrand- waiting on some new designs!) But digital gift cards are just as good. This way, they'll be able to shop all of the new products I have coming soon! 

 And, lastly, I have an honorable mention gift for you. 

If you know someone who's a big Twinkle fan, consider gifting them a one-year subscription to the Twinkle Apothecary Patreon!

I created this space last year as a way to connect with my community away from the noise of social media, and I have plans to keep it growing. They'll get the opportunity to go behind the scenes, get refills for 20% off, create their own custom products, get all of my recipes, and more! 

Currently, Patrons are getting to test all of the new skincare I'm working on, and I'm so excited to hear what they think.

And, I think that about wraps up my gift guide for the year! 

Easy, right? 

I hope this helps you decide on a gifting plan for the coming weeks, and I can't wait to make some goodies for you. 

Talk soon!