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Twinkle Apothecary

Hair Tonic 💆‍♀️

$ 8.00

Hair tonic is a lightweight blend of oils designed to moisturize and stimulate your scalp - it promotes hair growth while softening and conditioning your strands.

✨ why it's great ✨

Watermelon seed (kalahari melon) and jojoba oils provide lightweight moisture and nutrients to condition the scalp.

Rosemary, ginger, basil, and carrot seed essential oils invigorate and stimulate the hair follicles to promote circulation, hair growth, and relief from flakiness while leaving a fresh, warm herbal scent. 

👩‍🏫  instructions 👩‍🏫

Rub approximately 3-4 drops of hair tonic onto fingertips and massage directly into scalp. 

Use this time to give your scalp extra special attention. The more you massage, the better for your hair (and tension and stress levels!) 

Keep in mind that a little goes a long way! You may experience a slight warming/tingling sensation due to the essential oils used in our hair tonic - be sure to keep it away from extra sensitive skin and mucus membranes. 

🌱 ingredients 🌱

virgin kalahari melon seed oil, wildcrafted jojoba oil, non-gmo tocopherol oil (vitamin E), essential oils of rosemary, ginger, basil, carrot seed (organic) 

👃 what it smells like 👃

herbal, spicy, nutty  


♻️ refills ♻️

This item is refillable in our OKC shop.


    Hair Tonic 💆‍♀️

    $ 8.00