Top Twinkle Gifts: 2023

Top Twinkle Gifts: 2023

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The holidays are here, and it's time to share the Twinkle love with your friends and family!

The way I see it, gift giving is easy. At least, it doesn't have to be complicated!

If you are here reading this, you probably already know your favorite Twinkle Apothecary products, and if you are a good friend, you probably know who in your life will or won't appreciate them. Haha!

What I mean is - don't stress.

Deodorant can be the right gift for the right person.

Eye serum or acne spot treatment can be great gifts, when given with love.

You might even know someone in your life who would appreciate a whole new skincare routine!

But what about everyone else?

What about the people you don't know so well, or you just aren't sure will appreciate something handmade and all-natural?

Well don't worry - I have some tried-and-true crowd pleasing Twinkle favorites that are perfect for sharing with newbies! 

Check out this video to see my top gift ideas in action:


#1 Balm 

Everyone needs and appreciates good lip balm. Especially one that's vegan, sustainably packaged, can be used as a body moisturizer, and ACTUALLY WORKS.

Get the small ($8) or large ($25) depending on your budget. At least add that little guy in with another, larger gift, or as a stocking stuffer! This is a great gender-neutral add-on gift for teachers, co-workers... anyone and everyone.

Click here to order Balm for everyone.

#2 Body Butter

A jar of body moisturizer ($35) is a pretty straightforward gift, which everyone needs and appreciates during the winter, if only for their hands.

But this is one of my top-selling, most popular products, so I'm pretty sure they're going to love it all over. It's even possible that this gift will cause them to become completely hooked on Twinkle for life! 

At the time of writing, I have one cream body butter left in stock, and will be making a batch of lavender (always a crowd pleaser) next.

I also have a couple of ginger snap and candy cane forest body butters left in the holiday body butter listing for a special, seasonal treat!

Not sure that they'll enjoy a fragrance? Try the unscented Butter, which they can use as a facial or body moisturizer!

#3 Shimmer Balm

It might seem daunting, but these are actually an easy gift for anyone who wears makeup! The colors are sheer-but-buildable, totally clean, and work for a wide range of skin tones. They're also great for all skin-types.

Plus, they're so cute, and fun to use!

At $12 a piece, you can get a couple (or more) so they have a few different colors to try. Ruby, diamond, citrine, and mother of pearl are the most festive colors which should work for a wide range of skin tones.

Click here to order Shimmer Balms.

Now, about gifting fragrances...

People tend to stress about this idea, very unnecessarily. 

Here are my thoughts on giving perfume, after 8 years in the indie perfume business:

1) Obviously, if you don't think that someone will enjoy or appreciate a natural perfume, don't bother trying. Some people have terrible taste in fragrances, (or just don't enjoy scents in any form or fashion) and that isn't our fault! I'd rather my work (and the precious ingredients involved) not go to waste.

If you know someone who has one signature fragrance that they swear by, love, and will never stop wearing - the gift of any other perfume is a lost cause. 

Maybe try a lip balm instead.

But, don't be shy either!

2) On the other hand, if you have a feeling that they might like one of my little perfumes, go ahead and take a chance. If they don't appreciate it, that's not our fault.

Some people are simply not good at receiving - especially not hand crafted items that are full of loving energy and natural earth beauty - because they've internalized a scarcity mindset and don't believe that they are worthy of nice things.

That's definitely not our problem. Give and share beautiful things freely anyway, and let others sort out their own feelings!

All of that said, in my opinion, these are the easiest ways to gift fragrances:

#4 Give A Few Layering Fragrance Samples

 Unlike my bold, intense stand-alone perfumes, a sheer layering fragrance is a very non committal, low-stakes kind of perfume gift. You're not telling them to replace their usual perfumes, you're simply offering something new to add to their fragrance wardrobe, which can even be layered with their current favorite fragrance! 

Giving a range of 3 ($15) to 5 ($25) samples allows them to mix and match and try a few different things. They might not all be a hit, but they might also find a few that they really love.

Not sure where to start? Notice what they smell like next time you're near them. Do they smell like flowers, woods, musk, earth? If you can't tell, just get a little bit of everything!

Click here to shop layering fragrances.

#5 Go for A Seasonal Scent

If you want to give something full sized instead of samples, a seasonal scent is a super easy option. 

 I mean, the only thing a perfume like Candy Cane Forest says to anyone is, Happy Holidays. 

It says: here you go! Hope you enjoy this delightful little seasonal treat. And if not, what the heck is your problem?

(I'm kidding, but not really.)

The point I'm trying to make, is DON'T STRESS!

In addition to Candy Cane Forest, there's also Cardigan, Amber Spice, Ginger Snap... all available here, in the Perfume Archives listing!

In conclusion, just remember:

Giving anyone anything is a nice gesture.

Giving something handmade from beautiful, natural, quality ingredients is even nicer!

Sharing my handmade work with others is also a gift for me, so THANK YOU!

Be sure to get your order in by this year's shipping deadline: Friday, December 15th. That way I have enough time to make everything and get it in the mail before the post office deadline. 

Happy gifting!


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