To Be Discontinued...

To Be Discontinued...

Hi there, 

I'm posting this blog as a courtesy bulletin before your favorite things disappear forever! 

The time has come to make some tough choices...

so here is a list of everything that I'm letting go of, in no particular order: 

Little Black Deodorant

Sensitive Formula Deodorants 

Bikini Balm 

Shimmer Serums 

Barely Bronze Facewhip (Translucent gets to stay!) 

Amethyst Shimmer Highlight Balm 

Hair Tonic 

Bug Away Collection 

Light Lotion 

Wave Pomade 

Menstrual Cup Cleansing Spray 

Dope Queen Perfume (Balm gets to stay!)

Yoga Mat Spray 

*Healing Lotion Stick 

*Lip Balms 

**Crystal Body Butter 

*The healing lotion stick and lip balms will be reformulated and join forces as an all-over balm in a tube.

**Once I sell through my current inventory I hope to re-release body butter without the crystals, but only in the 4 single note scents to match my other body care items.

 These items aren't going on sale, I just wanted to let everyone know in the hopes of getting fewer, "Hey, I can't find ___ product!" emails down the line. 😅 

So grab them if you want them!

Quantities are quite limited, and they will not be restocked. 

Want to prevent more of your favorite items from being discontinued?

It's simple. All you have to do is, um, buy them.

So stop reading this post already, and start shopping! 

- Stefanie -

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