Burn it Down Sale

Burn it Down Sale

Have you ever had the urge to fake your own death, cut off all of your hair, change your name, and move to a different country? 

Just me? 

But, you've had the urge to give yourself a fresh start, right? Like a completely clean slate? 

Well, that's what's happening here, friends. 

The twinkle apothecary we once knew is gone. RIP. 

Actually, I think she snuck out the back a couple of years ago.

So much has changed over the past seven years since I started this business and I'm ready to move on. 


I'm not going anywhere and neither are the products.  

We're just, evolving. Changing things up. New vibe. New attitude. 

Same values, NO COMPROMISES. 

I've decided that this is not a "rebranding" so much as it is an "unbranding." 

Because the very last thing this world needs is another beauty brand.

And "personal brands" are so… 2018. 

Turns out, I'm not so much a businesswoman or a social media influencer as I am a creative artisan, and I don't need or want a big fancy brand. I just want to craft the most effective, high-quality, and beautiful products to share with you. 

So I'm building the sustainable, no-bs, but ridiculously fun (not a)brand of my dreams. If you like me and love what I do, I think you're going to love it. In a way, it feels like the brand I always meant to (not)build. 

If you don't like me or my products, why are you reading this for goodness sake? Go. Be free. I hereby release you from these toxic cosmic internet chains that bind us!


Twinkle 2.0 will: 

1. Offer an even more minimal approach to skin and body care 

I've always wanted to offer a simple routine, so WHY was I making 6 different facial cleansers and masks, 4 facial oils plus a body oil, 4 facial balms, 8 deodorant formulas, and a partridge in a pear tree before?!

The new twinkle skincare line has:

One facial cleanser, which I will custom-blend as you order to have more pore refining, or, exfoliating properties, depending on your needs.

One oil that works for everyone and everything - YES, REALLY. Face (cleansing and moisturizing) body, bath, and hair. You can choose between an essential oil blend targeted to repair and rejuvenate your skin, or one to control and clear breakouts. Or unscented! Or, you can join my membership club and add a custom perfume or therapeutic aromatherapy blend.

One incredible moisturizing butter. For everyone. For every body part. (Don't worry, face whip isn't going anywhere - I'm including that in the makeup category!)

Of course, toner and hydrosols, eye serum and acne spot treatment stay.

And all of my body and hair care (deodorant, body powder, bath salts, wave spray, dry shampoo) will just have one magical, all-natural, herbaceously floral woodsy fragrance.

I've been dreaming about minimizing my collection for years, and I'm so happy with the new products I've made. I think you'll agree that they are improved! 

    2. Ditch the packaging altogether on dry/powdered products 

    So that one cleanser I'm custom-crafting for you is only going to come in a biodegradable bag, and you can fill a jar or bottle you already have at home. We don't need any more bottles, do we? No jars, no excuses. Get yourself a soft silicone funnel like this one and stay tuned for further instructions about how to reuse your bottles. 

      3. Have cute, but unbranded bottles for the liquid products so that you can reuse them for anything

      Labels, who needs 'em? The idea is that you will use your old toner bottle FOR the package-free cleanser. Or whatever! Don't like the silly little sticker I choose for your bottle? Peel it off and redecorate it to fit your style. Yes, I will offer new caps, etc.

        4. Be made to order

        I'm serious about this minimal approach thing and no longer stocking inventory. From now on, I'm only making what you buy!

        5. Be an online-only shop. 

        Because no inventory and no labels. Yes, yes, it was all very quaint and wholesome when I had my little local boutique in the front of my studio circa 2019, but that four years may as well have been a century ago. Times have changed. I've changed.

        So, onward and upward. I'll still be open for you to pop in/swatch makeup/smell things/say hey/get a refill every month during the Make Ready Market. 

        In conclusion, I want all of these "Twinkle 1.0" products out of my sight, immediately. I've priced it all to move.


        Quantities of my most popular products are very limited. This would be a great opportunity to try all of the samples and dip your toe into the magical world of botanical fragrances though…  

        As this inventory sells out, I'll work as fast as I can (in a healthy way!) to release what's next. Things are going to start to look different around here, but I think it's going to feel more twinkly than ever.

        Jonesing for some facial oil? Want to skip the line and try my new custom cleanser already? Have a million questions about these changes and what they mean for your routine? Curious about what these cute new bottles are going to look like? That's all for my Patreon homies at the moment, but everyone is welcome to join! I also already addressed many of these changes in this post from August if you're just catching up on your Twinkle news.

        PS - I've got to pause on offering local pickup while I work through all of these changes.

        But don't forget that you can easily earn a free shipping coupon through my rewards program!

        PSS - Have you checked your points balance lately - because I just looked, and you all collectively have 2.4 MILLION twinkle stars to redeem. So… um, yeah. Just checking! 

        Alright. See you on the flip side, 


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