Take Care: Natural Beauty Tips to Get You Through a Tough Time

Take Care: Natural Beauty Tips to Get You Through a Tough Time

Stefanie Grant-Cassel

Bad days... 
Everyone has them. Breakups, (hi that's me,) life changes, big decisions, donald trump, stress, and the general pressure of being a woman who's determined to live life by her own rules can sneak up on you and take a toll on your psyche when you least expect it. 
It's okay. Whether you feel like you're a hot mess 24/7 or you've convinced yourself that you've got it all together, life can kind of suck occasionally, and it's okay to feel sad and upset sometimes! 
I wish I had some psychological advice for you, but that's not what I do. I do beauty and self care. So here are the tips and tricks I use to get me though and pick me up when I'm not feeling so great.
1. Aromatherapy
It sounds silly, but it really helps. When you're feeling sad, pick your favorite scent and take a big sniff. Obviously essential oils can't heal a broken heart, but I find that they do take the edge off a bit. It's like a little mini hug that reminds me things aren't all bad. I love to diffuse my Be Happy blend and I keep the perfume at my desk to apply throughout the day whenever I need a little pick-me-up - and if you really want to go all in with the woo-woo, you can apply the roll-on directly to your chest & heart area. 
I love this blend because rose, pink grapefruit, bergamot, and neroli are the most heart-opening and uplifting oils, but you can use anything that smells good to you! 
single note perfumes twinkle apothecary
2. Soothing skincare 
T r y  to avoid picking, over-scrubbing, or any harsh treatments. It may feel satisfying when you're stressed out, like you're being proactive about something, but you'll probably actually end up with redness and breakouts, which will make you feel even worse. I speak from experience here.  
Be nice to your face. Treat it gently! 
Lavender hydrosol is my go to when I need to calm my face down. I also recently discovered that it magically gets rid of blotchy crying face. A generous mist, a few deep breaths, some eye serum, and you are good to go. 
3. A little luxury 
A small gift that you normally wouldn't buy for yourself can really make a difference when you're feeling down, and you don't have to spend a ton of money. A bath bomb, ($10) a new perfume, ($10-45) or a bottle of sandalwood powder ($16) so you can give yourself fancy facials on the regular are all great ways to say, "I love you." To yourself. Because you should definitely be doing that more often. 
4. A bit of magic 
Okay, I normally consider myself to be a very practical person. I mean, yes, I sell aromatherapy products, but always with a grain of salt. I think crystals are beautiful and mesmerizing and I love having them around because mother nature is the greatest pick-me-up of them all, but I don't go through life thinking that they will actually fix my health or psychological problems.
desperate times call for desperate measures... you know what I mean? 
If you're over feeling sad and you just need to comfort your heart, sticking some rose quartz crystals under your bed is not going to hurt anything. It might actually help! Maybe there's just a little bit of magic in the act of doing something nice for yourself, or maybe it really is the vibrations coming off of the stones. Who knows? I don't. But I do know that it's a way more healthy behavior than drinking too much wine and texting your ex late at night. Definitely do whatever it takes to avoid that situation! 
You're going to get through whatever it is that's bringing you down like a boss, and I hope that you find a little comfort and some natural ways to cope along the way. 
I'm curious to know what you like to do to make yourself feel better when you're having a bad day! Leave a note and let me know! 

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  • Having a hard time deciding between the pink kaolin clay and sandalwood powder but both are out of stock! Patiently waiting for the restock! A good facial ritual helps me with any bad day as well as an uplifting scent!


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