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How to Do Skin Care

Let's get back to basics here because this is not as complicated as social media influencers make it seem.

Remember that most of the people talking about skincare online are getting paid to promote a different brand and product every week. One week it's, "This is the best facial oil EVER! You can use my code to buy it!" And the next it's, "You should really be using a cream instead, and X-brand is having a sale on theirs. Here's my code."

That was fun in 2018 but it's 2022 now, and we're smarter than this.


Just remember three things:

Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize.

Every day, twice a day. 


how to do skin care twinkle apothecary

Cleansing: Cleansing is essential to remove dirt, harmful bacteria, environmental toxins, and makeup, and to prevent oil buildup. But there's a catch - you have to do it as gently as possible to protect your skin barrier. Protecting your skin barrier is all about maintaining pH balance. Your skin needs to remain slightly acidic to protect your skin's microbiome. (Good bacteria.) Powder and oil cleansers are a pH-neutral way to cleanse, meaning, they effectively cleanse without disrupting your skin's ph balance. For more information about your skin barrier and microbiome, with sources, read this.

Toning: Even though powder and oil cleansers are a pH-neutral way to cleanse, the tap water used to rinse can be pretty alkaline. That's why it's always important to follow with a toner after cleansing. Toners act as a second cleansing step to remove any lingering dirt and oil buildup, and they help restore your skin's pH level to its preferred, slightly acidic state. 

Moisturizing: Finally, moisturizing with oil is essential for all skin types. Plant oils are full of essential fatty acids and antioxidants that repair and strengthen the skin barrier, which keeps your skin healthy. They can also help balance your skin's oil production - if your skin is well moisturized with oil, it won't need to produce too much of its own. 

How to do it:

how to do skin care twinkle apothecary

Twinkle-Approved Morning Skincare


Assuming you washed your face before bed, the following cleansing options are ok:

Rinsing your face with plain water

I don't recommend this for people who are acne prone and have easily congested pores, but technically it is an option.

Washing with plain water and a konjac sponge

An ok choice if you want a little exfoliation without using any products.

Using toner as you would a micellar water

(Meaning: misting your skin with toner and wiping it down with a cotton round or reusable facial cloth.) 

This is technically two steps in one (cleansing and toning,) and is a fine option for all skin types. 

If you did not wash your face before bed, I recommend one of the following cleansing options the next morning: 

Oil cleansing 

This is the best option if you are acne prone and have easily congested pores, regardless of how clean your face was when you went to bed.

Oil cleansing with a konjac sponge

If you also want a little exfoliation.

Powder cleanse 

I recommend using the cleanser base alone, or with the pore-refining boost added in. The exfoliating boost is best left for bedtime. 


There are two ways to tone.

1. Just spray toner on your face.

2. Mist a cotton round or soft reusable facial cloth with toner and rub it over your face.

I recommend experimenting with both to see which option suits your skin best.


While skin is still damp from toning, use a few drops of oil, followed with butter or filter balm. 

If wearing an SPF, which you should, do oil -> butter -> SPF

Or oil -> SPF -> filter balm 

Or, oil -> butter -> SPF -> filter balm 

(PS: applying oil while your skin is damp from toning eliminates the need for a water-based cream or lotion. Do not let the influencers confuse you here. Minimize. Buy fewer products. Be free.) 

how to do skin care twinkle apothecary night

Twinkle-Approved Nighttime Skincare 


Options to remove makeup: oil cleanse, makeup eraser cloth 


If you did not wear makeup, the same cleansing options from the morning apply. 

If you did,

Oil cleanse

This can be your only cleansing step. (This one-step cleansing routine is best for dry skin that doesn't get clogged pores easily.)

Double cleanse

Double cleansing at night is good for skin that's prone to blackheads and breakouts 

You can double-cleanse by following your oil cleanse with a powder cleanse.  (Best for oily/acne-prone skin) 

Optional: add the exfoliating boost into your cleanser 1-3 times per week.

Or, you can double cleanse by oil cleansing twice.

(A more minimal approach - one product, two steps.)


As described above.


While your skin is damp from toning, apply oil, followed by butter.

You can just use oil, you can just use butter. You can use oil, followed by butter. You can mix your oil and butter together. You can use oil and just add butter where your skin gets extra dry. You can use oil, then butter, then oil on top of it. Your needs and preferences will change over time. It doesn't matter how you do it as long as you do it. Don't be afraid to try. No, it's not a big deal if you use too much.

And that's it. Yes, really.

Now that you know how to do skincare, you can go on with your life. This advice will never, ever change. 

Now go, enjoy that life of yours. :)