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How to Oil Cleanse

If you're into natural beauty, you've probably already heard of the oil cleansing method, and you might have already tried it! But if you're just beginning to tip your toe into the (green) waters, you might be thinking... "Nope! Oil on your face does not sound clean!! Where's my soap?!"
But actually, you can totally wash your face with oil, if you know how. 
Don't worry, I'm going to give you all of my tips and tricks!  
Oil cleansing is so much better for your skin than soap because it doesn't strip your skin of it's natural protective barrier, and it doesn't alter your pH balance. (This can lead to over-production of oil, or dryness, and/or premature aging... no thank you!)  
However, I will tell you that this may not be the ultimate cleansing method for everyone. I think a lot of people are drawn to the idea because it sounds like a one-step beauty routine, and for some people (like those with normal-to-dry skin who rarely get breakouts) it can be. But most of us will still at least need to use a toner afterwards, and you'll probably want to follow with a different moisturizing or anti-aging treatment after cleansing. I also recommend gently exfoliating at least twice a week.  
(Basically, there are no shortcuts to really great skin!) 
Personally, I mostly use oil cleansing to remove my makeup before I wash my face, or, if I'm going to give myself a good facial and want to double cleanse. 
Occasionally I will just use oil to wash my face, but usually only in the mornings, or on days when I didn't wear makeup, and I always follow with toning mist and/or hydrosol and my facial oil as an anti-aging moisturizing serum. 
So, that being said, let's get to it! 
1. Pick the right oil for your skin. 
Obviously, I prefer the oil that I specifically designed for cleansing. It has watermelon seed and jojoba oils, which are known to be great at dissolving sebum buildup, plus antibacterial and oil-balancing essential oils. 
My original facial oil is also a good cleanser, although I personally prefer to use it as a serum/moisturizer. 
You can also use a plain oil! Sunflower, watermelon, jojoba, and grapeseed are my favorites for cleansing, because they're lightweight, have a good slip, and don't clog pores. 
I don't recommend coconut oil, because it can be pore-clogging for some skin types. 
diy carrier oils twinkle apothecary
2. Use a generous amount.
You'll want to use a full dropper, or perhaps two. Start with one and add more as needed. 
3. Start with your face. 
By this I mean, if you're wearing eye makeup, save those peepers for last! You don't want to be rubbing mascara all over your face. 
4. Give your face a really good massage. 
Like, really, really good. You want to work all of that oil into your pores. Focus on your trouble spots and blackhead prone areas and give them a good (but gentle!) rub. Oil cleansing works because like dissolves like, so you want to think about replacing that old, dirty hardened oil in your pores with fresh clean oil. Don't forget your neck! 
After you've sufficiently massaged your face and neck, go for the eye makeup by working a small amount of oil into your lids and lashes.
5. Finish with a mini steam. 
Take a wash cloth and run it under really hot water (obviously don't burn yourself!) Squeeze out the excess water and lay the cloth over your face for about 30 seconds to one minute. This will open up your pores and help release all of that old trapped oil. 
6. Wipe it off.
Use the damp wash cloth to wipe all of the oil off of your face. This is also the best way to remove your eye makeup. You want it to be pretty warm and damp, so rewet it with more hot water if necessary. 
There! You just washed your face with oil! 
If you have small pores, and normal to dry skin, you can stop there. (Although you'll probably want to moisturize.) You can add more cleansing oil as a moisturizing serum, or use your favorite moisturizer.
If you are like me, with enlarged, easily clogged pores, you'll want to follow with toning mist for the astringent properties. (I spritz my face and a cotton ball, then wipe it off with the cotton ball.) 
You can also use a hydrosol, or, both! 
(I've recently gotten into the habit of spritzing my face with hydrosol after toning but right before I apply my facial oil, and it's so lovely and hydrating!) 
Finish with moisturizer (always, even if you have oily skin!) 
The end.
There are a couple of other ways to oil cleanse!
This one is super fast! I usually do it in the mornings, or when I'm hopping in the shower after a workout. 
Give your face a good massage with cleansing oil before you get in the shower. While you're in the shower, the steam will open up your pores. Towards the end of the shower, rinse all of the oil off of your face! Then, tone and moisturize per-usual.
This is like super charging your oil cleanse. You mix a dropper or two of oil with our powder cleanser to make a paste and repeat steps 1-6 listed above except you should avoid getting the powder in your eyes, so remove your makeup first. 
It's basically an exfoliating oil cleanse/all-in-one facial and your skin will feel like buttah afterwards. (Seriously, is INCREDIBLE.) Follow with toner and moisturizer! 
Now it's officially the end. 
Are you ready to try it for yourself? 
I want to hear how it goes!