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Find Your Facial Oil

Wondering which facial oil to choose? How about a venn diagram to help you visualize the similarities and differences between each of my 3 facial oil options. 🤓

As you can see, they're all lightweight, non-pore-clogging, and great for all skin types. 

I typically recommend that everyone start with the original facial oil, unless you have a) dry, sensitive, reactive skin - in which case you should get the sensitive oil - or, b) oily and struggling with acne breakouts - in which case you should get the facial oil for acne prone skin. I mean, that makes sense, right?

Personally, I use all three. The original facial oil is my usual go-to, but I'll rotate in my acne facial oil say if it's extremely hot and humid out, if I spy a stray pimple coming on, or if I remember it, the week before my cycle to prevent any surprise hormonal breakouts. Sometimes I'll only apply it to the places where I tend to get those breakouts and I'll use my original facial oil all over.

Sensitive oil comes into when it's super dry and cold outside (and I have the heater on full blast,) if I'm trying to be extra gentle to my skin, or sometimes at bedtime just because it's so luscious. 

Sometimes, I'll mix one of them in with my original facial oil. 

There's really no wrong choice. I always recommend starting with some samples to see which one your skin loves the most. 

find your facial oil twinkle apothecary

Not to overwhelm, but I should probably also mention that both the all-over oil and the makeup remover + cleansing oil can also be used in the same way as these three facial oils, and they're both also lightweight, non-pore clogging, good for all skin types, and will help balance your skin's oil production, but unfortunately I didn't have enough room to include them in this graphic! 

They're especially great options if you're trying to be a minimalist and don't want extra bottles in your bathroom. Check out the product listings to read more about the ingredients and decide which one is right for you.

Or, just get one of everything. I just added this facial oil trio to make it super easy for you to try all three. Happy moisturizing! 


- XO -