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The Perfume Junkie Club and How to Subscribe (Video!)

The perfume junkie club is easily my favorite thing that I've come up with over the course of this business journey - it's basically a place to put all of my perfume ideas and an excuse to play with my favorite activity (natural perfumery) every month! 

Sadly, it's also one of my most confusing products for my customers. 😣

In this video I talk about what the perfume junkie club is, show you how to sign up for the subscription, how to buy the perfumes without signing up for the subscription, and how to get a sample. PLEASE WATCH! 

If you don't have 10 minutes to watch, please read: 

- When you buy this subscription listing ($20) you are putting yourself on the list to receive the next month's surprise perfume. It doesn't matter what day of the month you place your order - it could be the 1st or the 31st or any day in-between - you will get the next month's scent, shipped on the 1st or first business day of every month. 

- To buy a scent that's already been released (and thus is no longer a surprise) you don't need to sign up for the subscription. You go to this listing for 2020's fragrances, or this listing for fragrances released in 2018/19. Simply select the scent you want from the drop-down list to purchase the scent you want. ($25) 

It does say all of this in each of the listings, so I'm not exactly sure where the confusion lies, except that, um, I've noticed you guys sometimes aren't super great at reading the information provided before you make your purchases... not all of you, obviously, or I wouldn't still be in business, but yeah... some of you just get too excited and checkout before you know what you're buying I guess? I don't really know! 🤪

Anyway, hopefully this video clears things up a bit. Please watch it? Thank you!

 - Stefanie -