Perfume Junkie Fragrances - 2020 💐

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Perfume Junkie Fragrances - 2020 💐
Perfume Junkie Fragrances - 2020 💐

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february 2020 - date night 

This is the ultimate rich, sensual, sweet fragrance for celebrating romance! It's warm, spicy, sweet, rosy, and extremely tenacious with an earthy, powdery dry down, without being too much. Just right for date night! 🥰

ingredients: organic grape alcohol, rose absolute, cocoa absolute, tonka bean absolute, jasmine absolute, vanilla co2 extract, bitter almond extract, cardamom co2 extract, essential oils of pink peppercorn, rhododendron, patchouli 


january 2020 - œillet nouveau 

(Pronounced oou-yay 😗) Œillet Nouveau is a fresh, light, and subtle solid perfume for a fresh new decade. Think of this a palate cleanser to refresh your nose before we kick off a new year of exciting scents! Lemon and lavender are the main notes you'll smell, in addition to fresh, green, soft, and (very) subtly spicy carnation. Hold it up to your nose (or apply it to your skin) whenever you need a breath of fresh air. You can even smooth it through your hair for a light pomade! This one is nice and light, so keep it nearby to re-apply often.  

ingredients: carnation wax, organic fractionated coconut oil, essential oils of lemon, lavender, copaiba balsam, chamomile, amyris, and balsam of peru 



Perfume Junkie Fragrances - 2020 💐
Perfume Junkie Fragrances - 2020 💐

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