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Show Us A SHELFie #3

It's time for this month's installment of Show Us A SHELFie! 

Personally, I love doing these because a) I love getting to know my customers better, and b) it makes me so happy to see how much joy the things I make bring to everyone's day!

If you want to join in on sharing the twinkle-love, just click this link to fill out a quick survey. I can't wait to see what you have to share! 

Twinkle friends: 

Meet Kate (she/her) 37, A teacher, in Edmond, OK!

show us a shelfie twinkle apothecary

Do you remember your first twinkle purchase? 

I think it was a deodorant. Or maybe a perfume?

(Editor's note: I actually looked this up. It was a Mulholland Deodorant, allll the way back in March 2017. SO HAPPY 5 YEAR TWINKLE-ANNIVERSARY, KATE!)  

What are your favorite products? 

Facewhip all day long. I'm also partial to the Winter Serum, and anything Mulholland. 

show us a shelfie twinkle apothecary

How would you describe your personal style? 

Casual, eclectic 

Be honest: how many perfumes do you own? 


What's your favorite way to care for yourself? 

Yoga every day, lots of moisturizer, baths 

show us a shelfie twinkle apothecary  Why is shopping small/sustainably/ethically important to you? 

When my mom got breast cancer years and years ago, we both switched to natural options. Also, why not help the planet a bit too?

If you're a member of our Patreon community, what's your favorite thing about being a Twinkle patron? 

Exclusive content, and now I own Winter Serum again :) 

 THANK YOU, KATE! For being a top-twinkle fan for all these years and for sharing a peek at your stash! (Can you believe that perfume collection?? So FUN!) 

 Also, why not help the planet a bit, indeed. 

Till next time! 

- Stefanie -