To The Perfume Archives

To The Perfume Archives

Greetings, perfume lovers! 

I'm writing this post to inform you that I will be sending some of my fragrances to the Twinkle archives as my current inventory sells. 


Well, there are just really way too many for little ol' me to keep in stock all the time.

I've decided to go down to only stocking my top 20-25ish fragrances.

(I mean, 25ish fragrances is still a lot for a one person brand! Not even counting my other perfume brand...)

It has nothing to do with my personal preferences (most of my favorite scents are the least popular anyway) and everything to do with what you all actually buy!

That said, I know some of the perfumes going away are well loved, so make sure you grab a bottle of your favorite scent before it sells! 

On the chopping block: 

Le bikini

Island Spice


Smudge Snow 



Amber Fir 

Stress Baking 



Orange Blossom Water 

Date Night 

Nag Champa Oil 

Forest Fairy 

Members of my Patreon community at the star shine level and up will still be able to order these (and every archived scent!) whenever they like.

Yes. I know.

I completely understand that it's not feasible for everyone to pay for a monthly subscription to be able to buy their favorite scent at will -


it's also not feasible for me to continue stocking things that don't sell very frequently. Nor is it feasible for me to craft custom, made-to-order items for anyone and everyone.

However, the monthly Patreon fee is compensation for the time and effort it takes me to make one-off items by hand. So, two options here:

chalk it up to one of those instances where life isn't fair, or, consider becoming a Twinkle Apothecary patron!

In addition to perfume archives (and all retired products) access, patrons at the $20/month star shine level and up also have access to exclusive blog posts, DIY recipes, my weekly Q&A session, my behind the scenes lens clips, and even the option to order customized products (for example: the ability to order all-over oil in a signature twinkle fragrance like Mulholland or Dope Queen!) 

It's also just a lot of fun.

Waaaaay more fun than social media! 

 So scroll down to stock up on your favorite scent, and then consider joining Patreon to see what I'm up to and not sharing on Instagram! Ha!

- Stefanie -  

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