My Hair Care Schedule - Weeks 5 + 6

My Hair Care Schedule - Weeks 5 + 6

I tell ya, it's crazy how fast these weeks are going by. To be honest, I have a hard time remembering to keep up with this, but I don't think I'm leaving anything out. It's so minimal, but I think it works for me. 

To recap, or, incase I forgot to mention this in my first post (?!) my hair goals are to stimulate new growth/prevent loss, minimize flakes and scalp dryness, and to make sure my new hair that's growing in (now that I'm do longer dying it) stays healthy and strong. 

It all seems to be working, except my new growth is gray and wiry af which is frustrating because a) it's such a stark contrast to my original hair texture and b) I don't want to spend time trying to work with them (it feels impossible anyway!) But I'll try to be better about using my wave pomade on them and will report back. Hopefully they will grow long enough to lay down a bit soon? 

Oh and where I say I did an oil treatment with hair oil? That means that I massaged a couple of droppers of oil into my hair (meaning, I really saturated it from scalp to ends,) and let it sit in my hair all day and overnight. I want to do this more often because I feel like it does make my hair stronger and more manageable (I notice I loose less during shampooing afterwards,) but it's just a matter of remembering to do it the night before I wash my hair! This is the main way I use my hair oil - it's too much for my fine hair to take on a daily basis but I still want the benefits of all those ingredients. If you have dry/coarse/thick hair, feel free to apply a few drops daily. 

Alrighty, here you go: 

 - Stefanie -

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