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My Hair Care Schedule - Weeks 3 + 4

So I've been powering through some super awkward hair days the last half of this month... 

If I'm honest, there have been a few times where I've looked at myself in the mirror and thought, "uggggh it might be time to break out the blow dryer and round brush this bish." 

But I don't really want to spend that much time on my hair. So I just go with it. I even parted my hair on the side with the most grays a couple of days this week... just to get used to seeing it. (And OMG it's SO MUCH WHITER THAN I THOUGHT IT'D BE!) 😵

I've decided that liking what you see when you look in the mirror is a practice. Like yoga or meditation. Somedays it's easy and it feels really great, and somedays it feels super hard and you're not really sure why, but you keep showing up and trying and eventually it's got to get easier... right? I'm just so done with worrying about how I look all the time. I'm ready to go live my life now, THANKS. ✌🏼 

Also, positives: the standy-uppy baby gray hairs are KILLING ME, but at least it means that new growth is filling in after all of the hair fall I experienced after dying the platinum back to brown. I won't be frying it anymore and my diet/nutrition is finally on point after last year's food sensitivity/elimination diet nightmare so it should stay healthy. 

I also think the new growth might have something to do with my regular hair tonic/jade comb use. 

And even though the length is a little too grown out for my taste, my scalp is feeling better than it has in a loooooong time.  

And tomorrow is haircut day. FINALLY! 

Here's everything I did to my hair the past couple of weeks: 

EDIT: My website doesn't allow me to respond to comments on the blog, but yes, hair tonic is good for thinning hair. It's meant to stimulate the hair follicle and boost circulation on the scalp. :)