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Matcha Mask DIY

Finally - I'm getting to share one of my favorite (and ridiculously easy) skincare routines with you today!
You're going to LOVE it. 
The Matcha Mask! 
Ok, first of all... let's talk about matcha.
If you're not familiar, matcha powder is a finely ground whole green tea leaf that has been sipped in ceremonial Japanese and Chinese tea ceremonies for centuries. It's an acquired, grassy taste, which I personally happen to love. It's known for being a superfood that's full of antioxidants and for giving a caffeine boost without the buzz and crash of a cup of coffee. 
It's also super beneficial when applied to your skin topically! 
Matcha is... 
full of powerful antioxidants - specifically, polyphenols called "catechins" that can help reverse free-radical damage.
It's anti-aging,
and has anti-bacterial properties, which means that it's a great way to support both acne prone skin AND aging complexions. 
If you're concerned about breakouts, fine lines, reducing redness/irritation, and evening out skin tone, this is a mask you'll want to try ASAP. 
Here's how: 
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1. Start with a clean face. If you're wearing makeup, I recommend doing an oil-cleanse to take everything off. Massage our makeup remover + cleansing oil into dry skin while running hot water over a clean washcloth. Place the hot washcloth over your face for a minute to give your skin a quick steam. Gently wipe off all of the oil (and dirt and makeup) with a washcloth. Wet down your face with water, then... 
2. Mix your mask. Sprinkle about 1/2 a cap full of matcha powder into the palm of your hand. Then add about a tablespoon of our powder cleanser + masque. (This can also be done in a bowl if that's easier for you!) Use your free hand to turn on the sink and wet your fingers. Sprinkle water into the hand with the powder and mix with your fingers until the powder + water forms a paste. The consistency is up to you. If you don't want a lot of exfoliation, use more water. If you need a good scrub, use less water. 
3. Massage it onto your face. Hopefully you know how to do that. No worries if you get messy!
4. Leave it on for a bit. This will dry fairly quickly. But you can leave it on as long as you like. (I'd go for 5-15 minutes.) 
5. Rinse it off with warm water. You can gently wipe this off with a warm, damp washcloth, or, just splash your face until it's clean. Head's up though, your face is not really going to be clean right away. You're going to look at bit like the wicked witch of the west until the next step... 
6. Another oil cleanse. Go back to step one and repeat. This should remove most of the green, while hydrating your skin too! To make sure it's all gone... 
7. Tone. I like to spritz my face with toner and apply it to a cotton ball. Rub the cotton ball over your face to remove the last traces of matcha powder. Then, while your skin is still damp... 
8. Moisturize. Use 3-5 drops of your favorite facial oil, then eye cream + night cream/day cream (I use my beauty butter for all of that.) 
And that's it!
A simple little facial that will make you  g l o w. 
You could even fancy this up if you wanted to, by adding a tiny bit of aloe powder, or a few drops of facial oil... but it works so wonderfully on it's own that this is my go-to routine. I personally do this about every other week, whenever I feel like my face needs some extra TLC. 
I'm so excited for you to try it - let me know what you think! 
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