A COVID-19 Update

Written By Stefanie Grant-Cassel - March 21 2020


Taylor Alexandra Hale
April 19 2020

YES to all of this! I work at Saints in Midtown and we are feeling all of this so much! I am lucky that I still have employment and have really been thinking of ways to be more sustainable. I was looking on Etsy for shampoo bars and a couple of other things and thought, “DUH! Twinkle has shampoo bars!” Except now you’re out(which is fine because I still have plenty of conventional shampoo left that I need to use) and I don’t know when you’ll have it again. ANYWAY. THANK YOU for practicing social distancing! We in the healthcare field appreciate it more than you know! Some people are not taking this seriously and it shows.

I need to order some things from you again on Friday when I get paid! :)

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