The Stay Home Box 🏡

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 In light of recent developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, (and our brick + mortar temporarily closing its doors) we've created this care package of surprise handcrafted goodies to delight your senses while you're staying inside.

An $80+ retail value for just $45

The Stay Home Box includes: 

💜 a refill bag of lavender salt soak 💜

(about 1 cup of salts - good for 4-6 baths - approx $14 retail value)

This simple, but lovely blend of salts with lavender flowers will make for a healing bath, facial steam, or foot soak. This is a limited edition product that's only available in this box for the time being! 

Ingredients: pink himalayan salt, epsom salt, lavender buds, rice flour, lavender essential oil 

🥰 a Be Calm perfume roll-on ($20 retail value) 🥰

A blend of relaxing essential oils to help you destress and unwind. The scent is sweet, herbal, earthy, and slightly floral. 

Wear it in the evenings to calm your senses, during moments of high stress and anxiety, or anytime you need to shift your mood to a more positive state. 

Ingredients: organic fractionated coconut oil, essential oils of frankincense (organic), clary sage, ylang ylang (organic), roman chamomile 

🙂 a surprise facemask ($14 retail value) 🙂 

You'll receive a full-size facemask from our collection for taking extra good care of your skin while you're staying in. 

It could be any of the four facemasks that we currently offer - click here for more information.

🎁 2 surprise skincare minis ($16 retail value) 🎁 

You know what? Why not just give yourself a full-on facial. We'll send you 2 surprise skincare samples for you to experiment with, because this is the perfect time to test out something new! 

💧 2 surprise perfume samples ($12 - $14 retail value) 💧 

Since you can't come into the shop to sniff all of our tester bottles, we'll send the olfactory delights to you! You'll receive two samples from our extensive collection of natural fragrances to try on at home. 

☕️ a surprise sample tea tin from Urban Teahouse ($5 retail value) ☕️

Because there are few things more comforting (or more healthy) in life than a cup of tea. You'll receive a surprise flavor of our collection from OKC's Urban Teahouse to lift your spirits and warm your heart.  

No requests, please. The surprise is part of the fun. We'll be curating each box individually based on current available stock. (Picture is just an example!) If there are specific samples you'd like to try, please order them separately via the product listing. 

Thank you for supporting our shop!  

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