What the heck is a hydrosol?

What the heck is a hydrosol?

Stefanie Grant-Cassel

Sounds like something that needs replaced every 5,000 miles to keep your car engine running smoothly, no? 
Don't worry, it's not nearly that complicated. 
It's just flower water. 
I know... 
It's called a hydrosol, because it's a product of HYDRO-distillation. They can also be called hydrolates, herbal distillates, herbal waters, and essential waters. Oh, and floral waters. Why so many names? I HAVE NO IDEA! It's very confusing! Confusing labeling for a very simple product. 
Basically, a hydrosol is a by-product (or co-product) of the essential oil distillation process. 
When the plants are hydro or steam distilled, their essential oils float to the top, then the rest of the water run off that's collected (which will contain a small amount of the essential oil as well as all of the therapeutic botanical extracts from the plant) is the hydrosol!  
With a hydrosol, you get many of the benefits of the plant's essential oils, but at a much lower dilution that's safe to apply directly to your skin. 
Sometimes, people will use the term "floral water" to refer to a blend of essential oils in water, which is not the same thing as a hydrosol, although a blend of essential oils in water (with witch hazel, like our toning mist) can be quite lovely and beneficial too!
Now that you know what a hydrosol is, here's what you do with it: 
1. Skin Care
Our lavender and rose hydrosols are wonderful hydrating and balancing toners! They act as humectants, which means that they help prevent moisture loss. They also have natural antibacterial properties and are great for treating acne. Lavender is great for soothing skin, and rose is said to be an anti-aging powerhouse. 
You can mix them with the powder cleanser + masque instead of tap water, or just mist your face after cleansing! 
I love to mist my face with rose water right before I apply my facial oil before bed...
And lavender hydrosol seriously calms itchy skin in a flash! 
2. Perfume and Aromatherapy 
Obviously, they smell amazing, but I'm also always amazed by how long the scent lingers on my skin. They smell fresh and natural, and slightly different (more... plant-y? like fresh from the garden) than the essential oils. Spray them on your body or clothing/linens for a perfume and aromatherapy alternative! (They're safe for kiddos too!)
3. Anything else you can think of! 
Add it to the bath, freshen up your car, spray it on your pillow before bed, balance your chakras, soothe bug bites, banish monsters from under your kid's bed... these are lovely to have on hand for just about any reason.   
What's your favorite way to use hydrosols?
(Mine is skincare, most definitely!) 

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