We're Moving!

Written By Stefanie Grant-Cassel - June 12 2019


July 03 2019

So happy for you, this spot sounds amazing!!!!! Keep up the great work!

July 03 2019

I am so happy for you, Stefanie! You work incredibly hard and I’m thrilled to see what this new space holds for the future of your business. It has been such a joy watching it grow and grow over the past few years. Can’t wait to stop by and see your new space. Congrats!!

June 19 2019

I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to come see the new space! When you figure out the secrets to work/life balance, please share. 😅😬

June 14 2019

Congratulations!!! This is amazing and it will be nice to get to meet you and talk with you about your products when I do get the rare chance to make it in! I love your twinkly shop and I am soo excited for you!

June 14 2019

I’m one of those “rush in before close” customers,so I usually end up missing you – but, I’m a huge fan of your products and your entrepreneurial spirit. It’s not often that businesses give their customers 100% transparency (which I’m sure is not always easy), it makes me so proud to be a customer of Twinkle. Congratulations on your new move! I can’t wait to see the new store front. :)

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