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We're Moving!

Hello, and SURPRISE! 

I'm excited to announce that next month, July 2019, I will be setting up shop in my very own space just around the corner, at 220 NW 13th ST (suite 5!) in Midtown OKC (on 13th between Harvey & Robinson.)

This is just a couple of weeks from now, oh em geeeeee... (!!!)

I realize it may seem like this big change is coming out of nowhere, but I've been wanting to find a place of my own for a while. I finally found something that's just my size, (tiny and adorable,) in my neighborhood, in my budget, that's also workable for both production and retail. The building (a newly remodeled garage) is even called the "Make Ready" Building - so appropriate, right? 

This means that you'll be able to come in and see where I work and how I make my products, (even how messy I can be OMG am I ready for this?!) and I'll also be able to answer any questions you have for me or refill anything you like on the spot. (Well, not melt-y items where you'd have to wait for the wax to cool, but you know, basically the same kind of stuff I refill now!) The vibe will be 100% Me/Twinkle, only more intimate and special and fun.💖

Aside from being a few blocks north off of Broadway, not much else will be different. I still plan to carry everything that I offer currently - the only major change going forward will be my hours of operation. 

So, heads up

As of right now, I'm not planning to set firm "shop hours" for the summer months - I think it will just be more of a, "We're here, come by!" kind of a thing.... 

1) I work ALL. THE. TIME. so you don't have to worry about me never being "open." I know that's an issue with a lot of local shops and I totally get it. I'll post my hours on social media every day (lately I've been in the office from about 12 - 6:30 every day) and let everyone know in advance if I decide to take a day off. You can also make a free appointment with me anytime! 

2) I hope that you all come interrupt me so much that I'll have to hire an assistant and set regular retail hours come fall. Hint hint. ;)

3) But no shame if you're local and find it more convenient to shop online. The reason why I've decided to move into this small, efficient all-in-one space instead of upgrading to a bigger retail shop is to remove the pressure of having to work so hard to get people physically in the door.

After testing the waters in a more traditional storefront for the past year and a half, it seems to me like this is just where we're all at right now - life is busy, we work hard, it's not always easy to make it across town - so, no big deal! I have this handy dandy internet business and I'm always here with my eco shipping supplies ready to go anyway.

I've been watching you guys rushing over at lunch and flying in right before we close to pick something up, and I can't tell you how much it means to me that you go out of your way to support my business. (Or perhaps my products are just THAT GOOD?!) I've also gotten a lot of feedback that you guys want me to be there when you shop to help you pick out products and tell you how to use them, and I think that this move (where I'll literally be the only one there when you come in) will make things easier for everyone - so let's see how it goes and I'll stay flexible! 

Side note: selecting "store pickup" when you order online still stands - I love giving out free samples when you save me the shipping. (Also there is a parking lot out front and I'm still in walking distance from the OKC Streetcar - get off at the North Hudson or Art Park stop!) 

One thing I'm really proud of as an entrepreneur is the fact that I'm doing exactly what I set out to do from the beginning with Twinkle Apothecary - which is to have a small, sustainable, profitable business that allows me to earn a living while being flexible for my son. My business has grown a lot this year, but growth just for growth's sake isn't actually my top priority. Right now I'm more interested in designing a path going forward that will allow me to continue to do what I love to the best of my ability while maximizing profits, focusing on sustainability, and avoiding burnout. People are always asking me when I'm going to hire employees, release new product lines, outsource production, open a bigger store, etc., but I actually love being small and growing in my own way! 

I've loved my time in my current shop on 9th street with Siempre Viva, but I think that my new space will allow me to have a healthier sense of work/life balance while providing better, more personalized service to my local customers. Even the thought of condensing all of the channels (brick and mortar, web, wholesale oh my!) of my business into one tiny, well-oiled space (probably literally, LOL) makes me feel more calm and grounded already. I also get so much joy out of sharing my products with you in person, so I'm beyond excited to be able to interact with you all face to face instead of being hidden away working all by my lonesome while you shop! 

And for my internet friends? It's basically business as usual! Only, I hope to have more time to devote to blogging, perfecting my website, and shipping orders even faster than before.

Now, I'm off to design my perfect shop and studio space... wheeeeee wish me luck! 

Stay tuned for more details and my official opening date which will be here before we know it. You know I'll be sharing ALL of the behind the scenes stuff on my Instagram beginning riiiiiiight now! (I've been dying to tell you!!!)