Welcome to the world, Facewhip.

Welcome to the world, Facewhip.

Stefanie Grant-Cassel

It may be a new year, but I'm sticking with my M.O. of casually releasing new products just whenever the mood strikes me. 
And this one totally came out of nowhere... 
Meet Facewhip! 
What's Facewhip? 
I'm officially calling it a light-reflecting day cream. 
Here's how it came about: 
I was researching vegan + green makeup brands to potentially carry in my shop because I thought it'd be nice to have a couple of go to items on hand when y'all ask me for recommendations. (Also, while I prefer to not wear any makeup on my face most of the time, I do want some good makeup on hand for the rare event or photo op myself!) Anyway, I'm researching, and not finding anything I'm particularly crazy about, ingredients wise. 
Don't get me wrong - there are plenty of safe, healthy, cruelty free, vegan, eco friendly makeups out there - like, completely harmless and fine. Maybe even great. Maybe I'll even find a few to carry in my shop someday.  
But I was looking for something extra magical and nourishing. 
At a reasonable price point. 
With cute packaging. 
So, I realized I'd probably have to DIY. 
But the thought of making a tinted lotion, with water and mystery emulsifying wax and preservatives and all of that seemed entirely un-appealing.
So I decided I would stick with what I already know and love: a shea based butter-like formula! 
But how would I make it lightweight and matte enough for day?
Whip it with tapioca! 
(Which, of course, is only my favorite ingredient that I add to literally everything!) 
So I mixed up shea butter, mango butter, tapioca starch, evening primrose oil, sunflower oil, red raspberry seed oil, candelilla wax, and a tiny bit of mica - whipping it up until it was light and frothy. Then I added ylang ylang oil for it's oil balancing properties, and geranium oil for extra radiance and glow. 
And, (this seriously never happens, btw,) I knew that I loved it from the very first batch. 
face whip mini twinkle apothecary
So here's how to use it:
Apply it to clean skin, before you put on your makeup.
I typically oil cleanse (or facial balm cleanse) in the morning, followed by toning mist, a spritz of a hydrosol, and a few drops of facial oil (right now I'm using my winter serum,) plus eye serum.
Then I dot my Facewhip on as if it were makeup.  
And I lightly massage it into my skin using an upward motion. Just like you would if you were putting on a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. 
Here's what my skin looked like this morning before Facewhip: 
That's me fresh out of the shower, post facial oil and eye serum. (I'm wearing a towel, ps. Ha.) 
And here I am immediately after applying my Facewhip: 
I think my skin just looks ever so slightly more even toned, brighter, softer, and dew-y-er. I think the fine lines under my eyes are even a bit blurred. You can see a bit of highlight but definitely no glitter whatsoever. And if you could touch my face, you'd notice that it felt super silky and matte.  
It's like, un-makeup?
Can we make that a thing? 
You can totally wear this under your makeup, but I don't often feel the need to put makeup over it. I like it just as it is!
Today, I followed with translucent mattifying powder, lip + cheek tint in rosé, and was out the door in a flash!  
(I mean after I brushed my hair and put on a sweater... haha!) 
So, what do you think?!
It's definitely a different kind of a thing to put on your face, but I'm so excited/curious for you all to try it and get your thoughts!
I'm still on the hunt for a great green makeup line to carry, and I'm testing some things from a couple of awesome brands, but to be honest, I kind of just want to wear my Facewhip every day now. 
Maybe if the translucent version goes over well I'll consider making tinted versions?

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  • Face-whip is truly amazing! Facial oil, Eye serum, and Lip + Cheek Tint and my face looks and feels better with it, wonderful!


  • I haven’t tried your products – yet, but am so impressed by your story, website, products, and prodigious output for a one-person biz!! I’m super impressed and wish you all the luck in the world.

    Leah Rogerson

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