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The Spring Serum DIY

Did you know that I'm giving away all of my product recipes on Patreon? 

I kind of get the feeling that people aren't understanding what a big deal that is... 

In an industry that's notoriously secretive, guarded, and sometimes downright dishonest, here I am just giving out my actual recipes to subscribers for $5 a month.  

What's wrong with me? No clue! 😅


I recently posted the recipe to my (discontinued) Spring Serum on Patreon and have plans to post the recipes to all of my products eventually. 

Of course, it'll take me some time.

But remember how I wanted to write a book? Well, I'm looking at my Patreon posts as practice. A preview. A work in process. 

It's not, as some lovely commenters on the good ol' intranetz have suggested, a way for me to subsidize my life because my business is failing.

(Um, I would need so much more than your $5 for that!) 

It is an outlet for me to be even more creative without having to give away all of my time, energy, and smarts for free. After seven years in business and hundreds of beautiful, healing products invented, I've decided that it's time for me to be more selective about who gets access to all of my magic.

In addition to the spring serum, I've already posted: 

the autumn and winter serum recipes 

my toning mist recipe 

my vitamin C serum recipe 

a blue lavender facemask recipe 

a pumpkin facemask recipe 

And I'm clearly just getting started.

Click this link to check it out.

I am welcoming you all to join and partake in the twinkle magic!

Just not for free. 😜

- Stefanie -