Big News: The Perfume Archives are Open!

Big News: The Perfume Archives are Open!

Ok, I have HUGE NEWS!

I talked it over with my Patrons, (actually, I just told them my idea, and they were like, "Cool, we support you!" because that's just the kind of awesome people they are,) 

and I've decided to open up the Perfume Archives fragrance listing for everyone.

This means that you (EVERYONE!) can now order ANY past Twinkle Apothecary fragrance at any time. 

Every. Single. Scent.

This even includes seasonal, holiday scents like Cardigan and Amber Spice. 

Do you want to smell like a Christmas tree in March? Cool! Get a bottle of Amber Fir. Want to smell like the beach in February? Order a bottle of Wave! Who am I to keep you from your favorite natural perfumes?

When I made the decision to pull all of these scents, it was because stocking them truly was unsustainable for me. I was working like crazy and there was still no way I could keep everyone's scents stocked all the time. Whenever (if ever!) I thought I was caught up, it never failed that someone would order the ONE ITEM I DIDN'T HAVE IN STOCK, and it just felt like a never-ending struggle. I was drowning. In perfume. I mean, not the worst way to go, but still pretty miserable.

Even now, looking at pictures from a year or so ago, I think... "How did I EVER do that? It's so many bottles! That's so INSANE!" 

twinkle apothecary perfumes  (I mean, this isn't even half of them. I couldn't even fit them all in one picture!)

But now, thanks to the changes I've made to streamline my entire collection with my recent rebrand, I have more space and time. Everything is made fresh to order now, so I don't keep anything stocked anyway! And, letting go of my retail store means that there's no obligation for me to keep things ready for people to pop in and buy (or test) at random.

I recently realized that without that obligation, I can easily (for the most part) make any scent on demand for anyone who orders online. And, I want to! Making natural perfume is what I love the most. I want to share these scents with anyone and everyone who wants them. It's silly to keep them exclusive if I don't have to anymore!

So here's how it works:

Go to the listing and select the size you'd like. Scroll through the images to see a list of all of the past fragrances available and their main notes. Leave me a note with your order at checkout telling me which scent you're ordering. I will make it and send it to you in about 3-5 business days.

FYI: I will not be doing seasonal releases for my holiday scents. You can now order them at any time. Just come on and get yourself some Cardigan whenever you'd like.

There's no change to the Surprise Scent Monthly subscription - if you prefer to get a fresh surprise perfume from the archives every month I'm going to keep that going as well! 

 And, that's it! I'm so excited to be able to offer more perfume to anyone and everyone. I look forward to making a bottle of your favorite, just for you.

'Till next time,


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