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Take Care

It's been a week.
One week, actually.
One week into Donald Trump's presidency, and it's every bit as bad as we knew it would be. Personally, I've been feeling pretty discouraged, but I refuse to let it get me down.
I refuse to let Donald Trump get me down.  
Easier said than done. 
To help myself, I made a short list of little acts of resistance I can practice every day.
It's nothing revolutionary. 
But when I start to feel helpless, I try to remind myself that small acts matter. 
Living with integrity matters. 
Marching is great, calling your representatives is great, writing letters is great. 
It's all great. 
Small things can be great too. 
Here are small ways that I'm going to try to make a difference, every single day:   
1. Be a radical feminist 
Be brave. Stand up for yourself. Find your voice and use it. Don't let anyone stop you. (You will probably be told to stop at some point. You may be told you're being inappropriate. You will DEFINITELY be told you're overreacting. You might even be called names. Don't let that stop you. Always remember that your opinion MATTERS.) Hold the men in your life who identify as feminists accountable and call out injustice when you see it - also remember that protecting their ego IS NOT YOUR JOB.  
2. Take care of yourself 
Feed your body healthy foods. Do yoga. Take long walks. Meditate for 5 minutes every day. Drink water. Drink tea. Drink anything you want in moderation. Take baths. Moisturize. Exfoliate. Get a massage. Diffuse essential oils. Hoard crystals. Spend two hours primping before you leave the house if you feel like it. Read books. Browse magazines. Take a break from social media if needed. Do not feel guilty for any of this. Not for one second.  
3. Take care of your friends 
(And your family, and your neighbors, and people that you don't know who also need help...) If you can afford to donate to good causes, definitely do. If you need all of the money that you have, focus on being a good friend, parent, daughter, sibling, neighbor. Teach your children empathy. Support your friends' endeavors.    
4. Become an eco warrior 
Don't buy cheap crap you don't need. Shop local whenever you can. Don't support animal agriculture. Drive less if possible. Use less plastic (always possible.) Reuse things that you can't recycle. Plant a garden.  
5. Enjoy life 
Make time for fun. Be creative. Support art. Make art. Make love. Fall in love. Dance. Dress up. Get crazy. Be weird. Tell jokes. LAUGH. Hug. Kiss. Play. Dive into your ideas. Follow your heart. Live your dreams. 
I feel like we all need a little extra TLC right now, so I've decided to have a flash sale on my aromatherapy roll-on perfume. 
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Whether you need a little extra help getting motivated, finding energy, getting grounded, calming down, or lifting your spirits, I'm sure there's something in my little collection of natural perfumes that will help.  
And if you're not into aromatherapy, well... you'll still smell freaking amazing. 
And smelling good makes you feel better, right?! 
So stock up, cause we've got a long road ahead. 
And you deserve to feel good. 
Stay strong, friends. 
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