Shop Local in OKC

Shop Local in OKC

Stefanie Grant-Cassel

When I moved home to Oklahoma City and decided to start Twinkle Apothecary, I had no idea what to expect. In Los Angeles, it seemed like there were farmer's markets and pop-up shopping events happening almost every day, and as someone who has worked in mainstream retail and fashion production for most of her adult life, I began to dream of being able to create a product that I could produce with my own two hands, and share with the world on a more personal level. 
I asked my mom, "Does OKC have farmer's markets or events where people can sell handmade things?" 
Her response: "YES!" 
And boy do we ever...
There are so many events and markets in Oklahoma City that I can barely keep track, which I personally love because it means that I never have to step foot in the boring ol' mall! 
This past weekend while at Delmar Gardens for the Summer Love music festival, I picked up a vintage (aka zero waste/aka zero guilt) dress from Monoxide, a crystal and red earth pendant from Boo Science, and a gorgeous smelling soy candle made with essential oils and a chakra balancing crystal from Kayse Cain XO
Let me tell you, it's about 50 million times more satisfying to buy something directly from its maker, and there are so many creative, interesting people in our community making wonderful things. If you haven't already, I highly suggest getting out and about this weekend and supporting all of the local artisans who are working hard to make OKC a very cool place to live.
Catch us at The Exchange On Film Row Friday night, the OKC Farmer's Public Market Saturday morning, and the Uptown 23rd Farmer's Market on Sunday. 
Hope to see you there! 
(Check out our full schedule of events here.)   
And of course you can always shop from one of our lovely local stockists! 


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