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Send to a Friend!

Hey there. 

Did you know about this send-to-a-friend thing? 

Yeah... I know. Probably not, because I forgot to post about it here on the blog, right?!  

As you may (or may not) know, I am always trying to find a way around the completely ineffective and completely not-my-style world of social media marketing, so I came up with this idea over the summer as a way to get some good old-fashioned word of mouth going for my brand! 

The concept is simple: 

You send a sample to your friend for just $4.99

(It can be a product up to $9.99 in retail value!) 

In return, I'll give you 100 rewards points. 

Basically, you make your friend's day with a special snail mail surprise, and then you get coupons. Help your friends, help you, help me, help you.

Just try it, ok?! 

It'll be so fun, and I will love you forever.

 Thanks in advance for sharing the twinkle love! 

- Stefanie - 




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