Self Care Sunday #2: 5 Second Manicure

Self Care Sunday #2: 5 Second Manicure

Stefanie Grant-Cassel

I've always kind of hated my hands. 

For some reason when I was younger I got it in my head that they were too fat, my fingers were stubby, my nails weren't the right shape... 

kind of like body dysmorphia, only it was all centered around my poor hands! 

(If only I had known that someday I'd end up having a whole website full of pictures of them... haha!) 

Now that I'm more mature I can totally see that my hands are perfectly proportionate to my body, but I still don't appreciate them the way that I should.

I mean, they do make everything that I sell to pay my bills! 

It's just that when you work with your hands, it's easy to forget to take care of them.

I'll give myself a good manicure whenever I'm about to take a bunch of product photos then completely forget to put lotion on them for an entire month. 

It's like I use up all of my grooming time on my face and there isn't a minute left over for my hands. 

But I really do want to be better to them! 

So in honor of self care Sunday, I'm challenging myself to do a 5 second manicure every day this week. 

Just a quick roll over the cuticles with my 5 ml cuticle oil. It literally takes 5 seconds.

10 for both hands. 

Want to join me? 

It'll be easy, right? 


roll on cuticle oil

If you don't have my roll-on cuticle oil, you can use any carrier oil or lotion that you have on hand, (beauty butter is perfect for this too) but I love the simplicity of the roll on bottle. Keep it on your desk at work, by your bathroom sink, on your night stand... and let's show our hands some love, shall we?! 





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