Self Care Sunday #1

Self Care Sunday #1

Stefanie Grant-Cassel

I know I say this a lot, but sometimes I really can't believe that I've ended up with my own beauty brand. Natural, plant-based skincare has always been an interest of mine, but as far as beauty routines go I truly think of myself as a practical, no-nonsense, low-maintenance gal.*
It just so happens that I also consider myself to be a certified self-care ninja. To me, "beauty" routines have (almost) nothing to do with managing my appearance and everything to do with taking care of my body, mind, and spirit. I show myself love by taking care of myself, and apparently I love myself so much so that I created a whole brand around it! And I don't limit my self care to facials and moisturizers and perfumes. I take care of myself by eating a healthy diet, exercising, trying to add a little fun into my schedule, along with a million other little things, all with the goal of living my best life in mind. 
A lot of people are talking about mindfulness and self care these days, which is great. But much of it, to me, seems a bit un-reachable for the average person. I mean, the thought of spending an entire Sunday giving yourself spa treatments, cooking Ayurvedic meals for the week and whatnot sounds fabulous, but who honestly has time for that? If you think about self-care like this big, fancy thing, you'll never do it because you'll convince yourself that you don't have the time/energy/money or whatever.
(At least that's how I feel sometimes!)
I'm all about sneaking it in. (Hence the "ninja" part.) Every day, stealing 5 minutes, 30 seconds, half an hour, whatever you can manage - to show yourself some appreciation. Because you're worth it.
You are.   
So today is day one of my new Self-Care Sunday blog series where I'm going to share teeny-tiny little things you can do for yourself every day. Or once a week. Or whenever you remember. They may take 5 seconds, or 5 minutes, but they will always definitely be do-able. You can use my products if you have them, or something similar. Feel free to take my advice as an idea, then adapt it as you find what works for you!  
Let's start with something super simple: 
Beauty Butter Foot Treatment (2 minutes) 
1. After a bath or a shower (or hoisting your leg up on the bathroom sink to wash off your feet with soap,) slather your feet in beauty butter. Use a lot more than you would normally. Go crazy. Dig into that jar... don't be shy! It takes FOREVER to use this stuff up if you're just putting it on your face anyway! 
Rub it in well, paying special attention to any dry patches or rough cuticles. 
beauty butter twinkle apothecary
(Oh no, I'm almost out! Thank goodness I can make more!) 
2. Put on your favorite cozy socks.
3. Go about your daily business and/or go to sleep.  
self care sunday twinkle apothecary
When you take off your socks you will be amazed by how soft your feet are. 
Feels great, doesn't it?! 
So luxurious! 
Why don't I do this more often?! 
(No beauty butter on hand? No problem. Whipped Shea Butter ($6) works like a charm!)
There! This takes all of two minutes, even with the foot washing.
Don't tell me you don't have time for this! Go try it right now!
(Or, you know, as soon as you can get into your cozy socks...) 
*Of course, this is all relative... you wouldn't believe how many women I meet in their 30s and 40s who tell me that they don't do a thing to their skin. Like, no routine whatsoever! Or maybe that's not so hard to believe?! Before I started Twinkle Apothecary I very wrongly assumed that most people at least had a go to face wash and moisturizer. But, apparently not so much! And it's totally fine if you're not into skincare! Just promise me that you're not avoiding it because you don't think you deserve to take good care of your face... your face deserves all of the love, just as much as the rest of you!  

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