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Thirty Reasons To Change Your Perfume

When I set out to make my own fragrances for my Twinkle Apothecary products, I knew that I wanted to create something fresh and different. What I didn't realize was that not many people would actually know what to make of my little concoctions!  
Basically, I had no idea people were taking perfume so seriously... 
In my mind, I'm making fun, simple, casual products that are totally wearable - but then when I take my products to market I notice that people sometimes seem overwhelmed by all of the different options and get a bit stressed out trying to find "THE ONE."
But, why does there have to be just one scent for you to wear? 
set of three perfumes twinkle apothecary
Maybe, there is just one scent for you. Maybe you're totally a Goddess or a French Girl, or you only want to smell like Mulholland every day for the rest of your life.
That's great! 
But maybe...
you're Pink Mafia by day, Nasty Woman by night. 
Or all about Basic in the Spring, and Beau Spice in the Fall.  
Or maybe you love Adore but want to mix it up by adding a little lime in the Summer and cinnamon in the Winter...
Or maybe you're Luscious mixed with a little Dolce Vita. 
What I'm trying to say, is that I'd love to see is more people building fun fragrance wardrobes with their favorite scents, and less people stressing and worrying over finding just the "right" perfume.
Because stress and worry is definitely NOT what I'm going for here.
I hear a lot of "Oh... I don't know... I like this, but I have to see how it smells on me."
(I'll let you in on a little secret - I don't think scents smell all that different on different people. It is true that everyone has their own personal microbiome that can react differently to different substances, but the basic scent of an essential oil really isn't going to be that different on you versus anyone else.)
Or "Let me see what my husband thinks." 
Ugh. Noooooo... 
I mean, I totally get not wanting to offend the person you spend the most time with by wearing a scent they're going to hate. But at the end of the day, you should definitely be making your own choices about what goes on your own body.  
I made 15 different fragrances because I have a lot of fun with flowers, nature, and cute stuff that makes me feel good, and I made them $15 a pop because I want everyone to be able to join in on the fun! 
I mean... they're $15...
That's comparable to a craft cocktail or a nice glass of wine, only it lasts waaaaay longer and doesn't leave you with a hangover.
In fact, my fragrances are some of the healthiest things you can put on your body. Because they're crafted using pure essential oils, you can use them for their aromatherapy benefits too! 
So since these handcrafted, completely natural perfumes are even less expensive than that cheap top you bought from the mall and will probably only wear one time - and also because I am working on setting up a full-on perfume bar at the Indie Trunk Show this weekend and I want it to be super fun (!) I've started compiling a list of all the reasons why it's perfectly acceptable to change your perfume: 
In no particular order: 
1. The season changes 
2. Your outfit changes 
3. It's nighttime 
4. You're going to bed 
5. You just woke up 
6. You have a first date 
7. You have a third date
8. You broke up 
9. You're drinking white wine 
10. You switched to red 
11. You're going on vacation 
12. You're dressing up 
13. You're dressing down 
14. It's raining 
15. It's hot AF 
16. There's a chill in the air 
17. It's snowing 
18. You're in a good mood 
19. You're in a bad mood 
20. You're stressed 
21. It's the weekend 
22. It's Monday 
23. It's your wedding day 
24. You're a grown up now 
25. You've decided that growing up is overrated 
26. You really need a change 
27. You can't sleep 
28. You're feeling tired 
29. You want to relive a good memory 
30. You're starting fresh
As you can see, I don't really need much of an excuse to change my perfume! 
What about you? 
Are you looking for just the right one - or are you all about changing it up and trying something new? 
Any other reasons you can think of that I didn't list here? 
I'd love to hear what you can come up with!