October Newsletter + Year 5 Updates!

Written By Stefanie Grant-Cassel - October 16 2020


October 17 2020

This is wonderful news, a purposeful and beautifully written announcement, and a great step for one of my favorite local artist-business owners! Excited to try the new Notes, but will always remain a Nasty Girl enthusiast. ;-) Living in a country still experiencing severe racial injustices, an avoidable epidemic crisis, a painful economic collapse, and so many other human rights atrocities, I am happy and even more apt to support your business when you take this stance. Wishing you all the best and so grateful to have you in OKC!! Much love and luck…

October 16 2020

Yaaaay! I’m following the new ig, I’m number 126 to “follow” along. Good luck! Happy and excited for you so, go you!!!

October 16 2020

So excited for the new venture!

October 16 2020

Congrats! Although I will miss the monthly surprise perfumes, I am looking forward to your new creations.

Also kudos for being compared to Hillary a few comments down. I’d take it as a compliment:)

Allison Wiste Webb
October 16 2020

I love this news! I literally went from never ever ever wearing perfume to now being a little obsessed with your scents. They are such an endorphin rush for me. I always told myself I’d join the perfume junkie club after I finished up some of the perfumes in my cabinet… but I just kept ordering more and more, so that never happened. Anyway! I am so glad you are making changes that are going to make my life more fun for you! And I can’t wait to see what you have in store for all of us with the new business!
PS. I love your blog posts. Keep being you—it’s part of why I love Twinkle Apothecary and why I always choose to support your business.

Robin Elliott
October 16 2020

Thank you!!! Hooray!!! This is very exciting! I’m so happy for you and all of your current and new clients. I love when people take risks and change things up!
I promise to do my part to change who is living in the White House~ while wearing my favorite pink polka dot mask! Go for it!

Amy Bazan
October 16 2020

Love it! I’m excited for your new adventure and to follow along!

Nikki Cangie
October 16 2020

Congrats Stefanie, how exciting! Looking forward to notes! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us, and for the peak behind the curtain. Your story is inspiring, and I think, maybe, that was also part of your point – to spread that inspo to the masses in hopes that it will catch on! It’s contagious, so thank you, I feel infected. :)
I look forward to continuing to support your brand, and I’m glad that I found twikle a year (or so, or 2?) ago when I was googling organic deodorant after failing at my many attempts to create my own. Since the deodorant, I’ve also become a skincare and perfume customer and I love hearing that you’re continuing to invent. Thanks again, you’re crushing it!
Also, #gobiden #yourefired2020 #kamalaisaboss #madloveforhillary

Linda Lebedovych
October 16 2020

I’m thinking a company doesn’t need to get into political views to sell their product. I’m a Trump supporter and a woman. I don’t appreciate being treated the way Hillary Clinton treated Trump supporters. Must you bash the President of the USA? Why?

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