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October Shop Hours + Updates

Hey there! 

Just wanted to make sure to post my October hours here so no one misses them. 


I have a couple of updates to my usual schedule this month - 


Saturdays are now 10-5 - because no one ever comes in after 5 on Saturdays. In fact, Saturdays are often one of my slowest days of the week. Isn't that weird? 

I blame football. And the unusually hot weather we've had so far this fall. 

But, it's no big deal. I enjoy slow days because I usually need to catch up or tidy up or restock some perfume. I'm usually running around like crazy during the week so it's nice to be able to take a breath.

Side note - this Saturday (the 5th) is 10-4:30 so I can take my son to a birthday party. (How does she do it...) 🤪🎉


Fall break (for us) is October 9th - 18th 

Since I don't have to pick up from school those days, I'll be in the shop from 10-5 each day. Oh, 10-6 on Fridays.

I debated taking some time off, but then I remembered how over spring break last year I thought we'd do all kinds of fun activities, but it turned out that my kid just wanted to hang out with his grandparents the whole time. 🤷🏻‍♀️

So for this break, I'm going to plan on working. If it goes well, I might consider extending my hours for the rest of the year, but to be honest, probably not. 

I'm sure I'll be coming back to the shop after school pickup often as things get busy towards the holidays, (and you're always welcome to come in when I'm here,) but I don't want to be obligated to stick around incase someone decides to come in. I mean, no one really seems to be out shopping during the weekdays. Y'all come in at lunch to pick up web orders or with your shopping list saved on your phones so you can grab what you need... yes I see you. 😎

(Also I'm right there with you. I might run to the grocery store or something but I'm not going out boutique shopping... I've got work to do!) 

This is why I have a 💣 website. And I'm more than ok with the majority of my sales coming from the internet. It's almost 2020 for goodness sake... what else is there? 


Other than that, I have nothing to report! Everything is good. Great, actually. 

I'm feeling really good about the boundaries I set last month regarding social media. Please don't take it personally if you get my away message. I just can't be on 24 hours a day anymore. And I think it's crazy that anyone would ever expect that from a small, handmade business. You're shopping small because you want me to have a life, right? Right??? I don't think I've missed anyone's emails, so please just email me if you have questions *after* reading my product descriptions and FAQs page. 

Thanks to not being on my phone all day and night, I've been able to blog more, enjoy my days off more, give my ideas more space to bloom, and I just generally feel happier and more balanced.  

September was kind of a blur, but I remember feeling good about it. LOL. 

We kept it pretty chill I guess. Enjoying the musical swing installation at Bicentennial Park on our way home from school... 

 and had a blast taking the OKC streetcar to Scissortail Park on our last day off. 

Honestly, just having a day off (I don't think I took very many this year until moving into my new shop) feels super luxurious. What am I? Like a normal person? (LOL don't answer that.) 

Oh! And I've rediscovered Pinterest in all my free time, so be sure to follow me there if you like healthy vegan food and pictures of other apothecary shops. 😂

And my health is better than ever, incase you're wondering! I'm finally feeling like myself again, (only better) thanks to my amazing herbalist, giving up gluten, and perhaps the days off have something to do with it too?? 

Cheers to October! 

See you soon... 



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