No. 3 (Video)

No. 3 (Video)

Hi! Ok.

It is so difficult to fit everything I have to say about these fragrances into videos without making them suuuuper long! 🤪

I hope you'll enjoy watching this video for No. 3 (new name TBD!) but I also hope that you'll read the product description and order a sample (and actually put it on your body) to get the full effect! 

I think I forgot to mention what a *classy* fragrance No. 3 is. There's something very old school, or, classic, about the powdery-floral aspects of this one. I say it's weird, but it's also sophisticated. It's grown up. Artful. Unique, but so beautiful. So, it's not that you're *not* going to get a boyfriend if you wear this one... he just has to be someone who truly appreciates smart, strong, interesting, independent women. ;) 

(Jkjk. Also, I want to make it clear that this is a gender-neutral scent that can be worn by anyone!) 

I don't believe in having just one signature scent, but this is one that I reach for over and over, because it's good for all seasons, and it always makes me feel beautiful and grounded. 

Ok. Watch it, buy it, love it, my fellow weirdos. 


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