My Complete Twinkle Nighttime Skincare Routine

My Complete Twinkle Nighttime Skincare Routine


I think it's been a while since I shared a full skincare routine here on the blog, so it's time for an update. I get tons (and tons... and tons...) of requests for help with skincare routines, so hopefully this is helpful! 🤞  

This is my full routine, which may be perfect for you, or, you may wish to adapt it to your skin's needs. I'll let you in on a little secret - designing a skincare routine is a trial and error process that's completely up to you at the end of the day. Or, beginning... lol.

If you get lost, just remember - 

cleanse, tone, moisturize 

As long as you 1. Wash your face, 2. Tone, and 3. Moisturize, you're doing everything you need to do. But hey, you know what? If that seems like too much, feel free to pare it down. Just make sure that you're washing your face at night... because, gosh, what's the point of having great products on hand if you don't use them?! 

Ok, here's what works for me currently:

1. Remove makeup 

Use: Makeup Remover + Cleansing Oil, any facial oil/serum of your choice, and/or the Makeup Eraser 

Before I wash my face, I always take off my makeup using an oil/serum, (I alternate between them all, using whatever I have on hand and they all work great) or, if I'm wearing a lot of makeup (very rare) I'll wipe it off using my Makeup Eraser, then oil cleanse. 

Here's how: 

I massage a full dropper of oil into my dry skin, saving my eyes/eye makeup for last. The oil dissolves the oil and dirt in your pores (because like dissolves like) and removes makeup soooo easily. I massage my skin very well, paying close attention to the areas where my pores get congested - that's my t-zone (forehead, nose, chin.) 

Click here for more info about how and why to oil cleanse (and why it's great for all skin types - even oily and acne prone!)

Next, I wet a washcloth (or my Makeup Eraser if I'm using that) using very hot water from the sink and drape it over my face to steam my pores for just about 30 seconds. I then use the damp cloth to wipe the oil (and makeup) off of my face.


2. Cleanse/Facemask  

Use: Exfoliating Powder Cleanser, any Facemask 

Note: If I am very tired at night, I will skip this step, going from oil cleansing straight to toning/moisturizing, but ideally I use my powder cleanser or a facemask for a little polish and deep cleanse. 

Here's how:

I wet my face using water from the sink. I grab my bottle and pour about a tablespoon or so of my powder cleanser (or mask) into my left hand, then use my right hand to turn on the sink, and splash a little water into my left hand to make a paste. Once it's a spreadable consistency, I massage it all over my face and neck (avoiding my eyes) using circular motions. 

Then, I let it dry while I brush and floss

Here's more info about why you should ditch your soap/face wash and switch to a powder formula. 

I rinse it off as soon as it's dry with warm water. 

Note: You can also use a bowl and get fancy with this step by adding in a facial oil, mask add-in, or by using something besides water like tea or coconut milk... but most nights I just use water from the sink and my hands.

3. Toning Mist 

Note: don't skip this step. It actually does make a difference, especially if you have oily/acne prone skin. 

I spray my face down with toning mist, then I spray a cotton round down with toning mist too (you can also use a reusable cloth, or, your Makeup Eraser.) 

I wipe my skin down with the cotton round, until it looks clean. My pores get clogged easily and if I'm not careful I can get breakouts, so this is me, double checking that my skin is sparkling clean before bed.

4. Hydrate and Moisturize 

4a. After toning mist, I grab my rose hydrosol and spray it on my skin generously - immediately following with about 3-4 drops of my original facial oil. (My favorite... I use it every night!) 

4b. Then, I roll my eye serum under my eyes, tapping any excess oil up into my brow. 

4c. Finally, I use a small amount of beauty butter, massaging it into my face and neck very well.  

5. Facial Rolling 

I grab my amethyst facial roller and mist it down with toning mist, then roll it on my face - starting at my forehead, and working down to my neck. I pay a lot of extra special attention to my jawline/neck, and I'm seeing great results, not only in regards to sculpting that area, but I'm also seeing way less breakouts (actually none in ages... and it used to be a major trouble spot for me!) 

Here's a post I wrote recently with more information about how facial rolling is transforming my face. 

And check out the "nighttime routine" story highlight on my instagram bio for some video. 

6. Acne Spot Treatment

I roll this on any area of my face that looks like it could potentially turn into a blemish. If there's nothing to see, I skip this step, but sometimes I do roll it on my neck/jawline anyway just to be absolutely sure that area stays clear. 

7. Healing Lotion Stick, Lip Balm, Perfume  

nighttime routine twinkle apothecary

Once I'm in bed, I always use my healing lotion stick on my hands and apply some lip balm to my lips just before I turn out the light. I almost always apply some kind of perfume or aromatherapy blend too, just to get extra grounded and calm as I drift off to sleep. Currently super into spraying some sandalwood single note perfume spray on my pillow right before I lie down, and I feel like it really makes a difference. 

8. Sleep Mask On

I am OBSESSED with my sleep mask. I sleep so much better when I wear it, and I've noticed that my eyes are much less dry when I wake up in the mornings. Plus it just feels so glamorous, and who doesn't need a little extra glamour in bed, vintage movie star style?  

9.  Sleeeeeep! 

Lately I've been aiming to get at least 6.5 hours a night, and it really makes a difference in how my face looks in the morning. Who knew?!

Ideally I prefer closer to 8/9 hours of sleep at night, but that's just not in the cards for me right now. Maybe this summer when school doesn't start at 8 am I'll be a very good girl and put myself to bed early anyway. (She says, knowing it will never happen...)  

Anyhoo... sweet dreams you guys! 



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